The Greatest Collection of DooM Swag You’ve Ever Seen

Do you like DooM? Well not as much as this guy.

He’s got every edition of every game, every shirt, every mag and comic that had DooM on the cover, every poster . . .yeah, this guy is DooMed.

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Cajun Chicken2622d ago

That's freaking amazing, I'd love half of that stuff. Not to mention, got me hyped for the possibilities of Doom4.

He's not got one of those though...I have. :D

CrzyFooL2622d ago

I think he's even got a replica of the BFG from the movie.

That card holder is FKNG awesum btw!!

Cajun Chicken2622d ago

Never seen the movie. Got told it ignored the whole 'hellspawn' thing, which is what Doom was for me. Worth watching if I see it on a TV channel one day?

Kon2622d ago

The movie wasn't bad... It was quite scary at times.

seraphcaeli2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Yeah, it's not like the games - but its not bad. They're are a lot of Easter eggs. Guys in the movie being named Carmack and such - a ton of great one liners - plus the Rock is HAWT. <3

Also. this scene

pimpmaster2622d ago

i dunno about you but doom 3 was horrible. i dont want a doom 4

KingNintendoFanboy2622d ago

DOOOOM! Hahaha. I liked PC gaming more in this era.

Hitman07692622d ago

boom boom bah boom i like me some doom...

man i remember the old floppy discs and everything still...

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The story is too old to be commented.