LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector’s Edition and Sackboy plushies selling out everywhere

LittleBigPlanet 2 seems to be the hot ticket at the moment. That adorable little SackBoy is hard to resist it seems. So much so that Amazon and newegg are both OUT OF STOCK of the Limited Edition Plush Sackboys. Not only that, but the LittleBigPlanet 2: Collector’s Edition (that includes a 7″ collectible Sackboy plushie) is OUT OF STOCK as well at both Newegg and GameStop.

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fromasterjay2897d ago

No surprise, the game's the BOMB!

KiRBY30002897d ago

I'm still pissed europe doesnt get the plush.

Yi-Long2897d ago

... if we wouldn't get fucked by shipping costs, handling costs and taxes...

SCEE screwed us Europeans over once again. They should have just released the exact same CE over here!

awesomeperson2897d ago

:o really?

Australia got the plush and we usually get the same things as europe :D

Zydake2897d ago

Any1 know if we get a plain sackboy or does it come with a costume?

NegativeCreepWA2897d ago

lol, nothing funnier then grown men crying about not getting a a stuffed doll.

DORMIN2896d ago

I knew this would happen, good thing I preordered mine last year the day it was announced!

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Jaces2897d ago

Glad I preordered mine already on Amazon. :D This year is already off to a great start.

Lamarthedancer2897d ago

Oh thats nice

I would of loved to have a good CE ...Oh but wait I live in the UK and all we got was a crappy handfull of DLC and a steelcase

A British developer and they can't even give Europe a good CE

I suppose I should feel ok since Alex on the UK PS blog told us that it was because they wanted to give us a chance to pick our own merchendise (aka buy our stuff for more money) ¬¬

-Alpha2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Sorry, man.

I was surprised to hear my Canadian GameStop had it, so I ordered mine a long time ago. I'm looking forward to the Game-Ends, it's such an useful and thoughtful thing to include in the package.

Lamarthedancer2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

The worst part about it is that Alex on the UK blog totaly ignores any questions people ask him about the CE.

Why we got crap one compared to the US
Whos fault was it MM or Sony Europe
Why are they talking like the UK CE is "amazing"

Oh but if someone says "Well done guys" he replies....tbh it's total ignorance to the fanbase.

Look for your self though on his posts on LBP2...his last one was 21st december and people have complained on nearly every post since he announced the UK CE in November.....and still no proper answer

Enjoy your CE though :)

djreplay2897d ago

You can buy the plushie seperately for £6.00

DigitalRaptor2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Don't buy that £6.00 Sackboy plushie - it's unofficial.

Wait for the official one from Sony. It's £9.00 and looks much better and more authentic!

Comes out on 28th January.

Yi-Long2897d ago

... doesn't ship this kinda stuff to Holland.

Anyway, I would have been willing to pay 80 euro for a nice european CE, but considering Sony screwed us, and not for the first time, it just pushed me over the edge and I'll most likely jailbreak my PS3 instead.

They don't care about us, so why care about them!?

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pork_chop_express2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

yeah toy is £8 on

vgcgames2897d ago

I need to pick this game up, looks awesome

DEADEND2897d ago

I can't wait for this to come in the mail.

GuruStarr782897d ago

thats too bad.....I had two of them reserved at amazon, but decided to cancel them last night....

Just got my DC universe collector's ed. in the mail though, it's pretty cool.

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