Don't count out Kinect controllers just yet

Gamer Sheep: You could make a case that Kinect has essentially eliminated a portion of the console accessory and controller market by simply turning us into the controlling device. I think you’d be wrong, though.

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Hellsvacancy2864d ago

Lol, controller free gamin with an accessory control pad

HeavenlySnipes2864d ago

they wouldn't want to contradict themselves and admit that Sony's right.

darthv722864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

they never said kinect would rule out traditional controls once released.

It will be on a game by game basis. Some games will be solely kinect, others will be traditional and then there will be the ones that will use both in specific ways.

Sony also knows that move would not eliminate classic controls as well. For now move is just an alternate control scheme. Like using the wiimote in its many forms to play the same game. I am interested in the creativity of using move where a regular controller would not suffice.

To think MS or sony would not come out with games that use both....that is just stupid.

HeavenlySnipes2864d ago

propaganda on tv and elsewhere is be the controller. If you had to use a controller to control the game then what was the whole point?

Godmars2902864d ago

They do it all the time actually. They either just insist that they're doing it better or they do it and don't say anything at all.

HD-DVD. HDMI 2.1 or whatever the 360 uses. In-built wi-fi. These are all things MS has said the 360 doesn't need but either quietly added, let fall on its face in silence, or with the case with wi-fi for the 360S, acted like they were the first to even conceive of it.

AAACE52864d ago

@HeavenlySnipe... Contradict?

Everyone in the industry contradicts themselves! You may not remember, but MS and Sony both made fun of motion controllers early this gen and dismissed it as a gimmick!

Fast forward and Sony basically made a more acurate Wiimote, while MS tried to do something slightly different! Hell, Nintendo might end up coming out with a camera to give the Wiimote better accuracy likt the MOVE controller.

You guys really have to get it out of your mind that Sony is the beginning of it all! Keep in mind that the Playstation began as the Super Nintendo CD drive. Which was why it was easy for Final Fantasy games to make the jump to Sony's system!

Anything is possible... Most of you probably hated the idea of motion controllers, but then Sony announced the MOVE and you were ok with them then.

This is a new era in gaming and we should embrace the coming changes!

Dorwrath2864d ago

If you have paid attention They say the thing about being you being the controller. However they have also stated that there will be games eventually that can use both the controller and Kinect at the same time.

A shitty example I know, but you could be playing a game with the controller and you make a gesture with your hands for your team mates to move up.

They have never come out and said Kinect will solely every be "you as the controller." Things change, Both MS and Sony thought motion control was a fad, yet here we are with Move and Kinect.

Retro_Zombie2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

But, but I though you were the controller? Interest in Kinect already dying off?

Godmars2902864d ago

Thing is that the thing that MS went slightly different with was something that Sony introduced though failed to develop. Decided not to go with likely as not to have to reintroduce the PS3eye a 3rd time.

Jack Meahoffer2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

@Godmars290 above

"Thing is that the thing that MS went slightly different with was something that Sony introduced though failed to develop."

How hard is it to understand that neither the EyeToy or the PSEye have an IR projector and sensor?

Just because it also has an RGB camera does not make it the same tech. Give it a break man. Learn about the tech.

Godmars2902864d ago

What I said was Sony had the choice of either going with Move, which is essentially an add-on for the current PSeye, or turn the thing on its ear and make a PSeye3 reintroducing the whole thing.

When they first introduced the PSeye for the PS2 the demo reel shows it being used as a hands free menu control option. Sony just failed to keep interest in the thing to develop it that far.

DualConsoleOwner2864d ago

that their Kinect is too laggy and such and need extra controllers

AAACE52864d ago

Also, the "You are the controller" thing was mainly to get the attention of the mainstream.

the goal was to attract new gamers, steal gamers from Wii, and prevent people from buying MOVE.

I like to think of Kinect as another tool to enhance the gameplay experience, similar to the way the other motion controllers do. For anyone to complain about anything else is just petty!

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SixZeroFour2864d ago

i dont get it...did they ever say it was STRICTLY going to be controller free gaming? just cause they add the option to use a control type device in addition to kinect DOES NOT mean it cant do it without a controller, it can just do both

why advertise something that every other console is doing when they could do something different and advertise the OTHER thing it can do which is controller free gaming

theIMP2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Nope, they said from the very beginning there would be hybrid games. These Sony Extremist just have no other way to criticize it. They said from the BEGINING there would be Kinect only, traditional controller only, and hybrid games. I think it's a weak and pathetic argument to say, "but, but but what about you are the controller, that defeats the whole thing". Y'all sound like crybaby bitches who just lost your kickball game. For real, drop that weak ass argument, your wrong. Again they said from the GET GO there would be all 3 types of games. You were in enough Kinect article (hell it was still Natal when they were saying this) bashing it, to know this.

Silly Mammo2864d ago

So is the slogan now going to be "You[and this controller] are the controller"?

dizlaoboi9162864d ago

With 8 million sold how can anyone count out kinect

louievillalobos2864d ago

Exactly. 8 Million sold and no accessory money coming in? Yeah, right.

Maddens Raiders2864d ago ShowReplies(1)
dizlaoboi9162864d ago

@2.1 whos to say microsoft wont implement a nintendo move and whip out the plastic tennis rackets golf clubs or steering wheel.

maniacmayhem2864d ago

Who's to say you cant do it yourself? Just whip out a tennis racket of your own.

Bigpappy2864d ago

@maniac: I do it all the time in Kinect sports. It actually helps me play better. I grab the wii racket or some times the TV remote.

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Skynetone2864d ago

im waiting for a sheep herding game, i can send out my dog and it will respond to my voice, and i can wave my hands to capture them, and when im done ill have a bowl of soup

Bathyj2864d ago

I wanna be one of those guys that wave the lights and direct aeroplanes on the ground.

Then I want to crash it into the terminal. ;)

Ryudo2864d ago

It's pronounced hoarding, and yes you are hurting sheep by hoarding them.

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