Microsoft: We ran out of Xbox 360s by the end of December

XMNR: The Xbox 360 was a hot commodity the last two months thanks to the release of the Kinect sensor. Apparently, it was so hot that Microsoft ran out of supply by the end of December.

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Hellsvacancy2622d ago ShowReplies(4)
Suicidekingz2622d ago

I think they're implying that their holiday sales were awesome. Grab a rag, stop crying, then get over it. That way... you don't have to say "so?", because articles bent in the other direction rarely see a response such as "so?"

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theonlylolking2622d ago

That does not make sense since where I am at the 360 always stays stocked and it stayed stocked throughout December.

Motorola2622d ago

Same here O_O I think they mean "sold to retailers" like the retailers expected a ton of sales but they never happened and some 360s are left over.

demonddel2622d ago

i bet if sony said that it would have been sold to costumers boy i tell ya M$ cant get a break round here

siyrobbo2622d ago

that's not at all correct, maybe true for the ps3 if november is anything to go by

FailOverHero2622d ago

Yeah, you're right, I mean only 2.5 million consoles in one whole month in an entrie region is paltry? Appalling. Shame, the retailers were expecting way too much and in the end they only sold 2.5 million, sucks to be them! /s

NexGen762622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Lol...Really...Guess what where I'm at Wal-mart & Gamestop had some even thur the holidays...

SuperLupe2622d ago

Whats the use of the "But in my village..." argument ?

I can make up a lot of crap too with that argument you know. And even if it was true you guys always say USA=/=World...well your village=/=USA. Just sayin.

siyrobbo2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

but someone 500 miles away might have been out of stock with no way of getting any more stock from MS, hence the supply issue

Makes me laugh that people think that MS are trying to say that every 360 was sold and the shelves are empty

Still waiting for jack tretton to hand out the cash for finding PS3's on shelves at launch.......

FailOverHero2622d ago

Ok, so we've established that you can write...but miraculously cannot read.
WE, MICROSOFT, not Wal-mart, not gamestop, not your fast food restaurant/ gadget shop that is always stocked with kinect because nobody is buying it, MICROSOFT, ran out of 360's. As in their warehouses were empty. Why? They SOLD them all to retailers. Why? Retailers wanted more. Why? Consumer demand, it was HIGH. Why? People enjoy having FUN and they know kinect and 360 is FUN.
You're welcome.

Ace Killa 082622d ago

Bubbles and agree for the man who made a response for all. the morons who do not understand MS message. Thank u sir

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The story is too old to be commented.