Sony reveals size for Mass Effect 2 PSN download

Grace Chen, Senior Manager of the PlayStation Store, reveals the download size for the PSN release of Mass Effect 2 in addition to the full game trial start date for Playstation Plus subscribers.

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Blacktric2895d ago

12 GB?? ZOMG! At least every bit of it will be worth downloading.

TheTruth892895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

who cares, ps3 owners can swap their HDD with ANY 2,5HDD

I still have 600GB

LOOOOL it's a fact, NOOBS!

-Alpha2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I upgraded to a 500 GB so I don't mind the size. But I have a monthly limit of 60 GB. Hard copy for me any way, but have fun with the digital copy.

trounbyfire2895d ago

very nice i should upgrade and if you get a faster HHD it will speed up your ps3 so win win

i am a gig counter when ever i download something. i have a 120 gig slim but i still count i have 79

Tommykrem2895d ago

That's actually wrong. Not all 2,5 will have the correct connection gate/format/whatever and won't physically be a match for the PS3. And even though they are a bit faster, you should avoid 7200rpm HDD's as they overheat the PS3.

A lot of people have also reported problems with HDD's with over 1tb capacity, but some say it works just fine.
Not my intention to nitpick here, but be more clever than me and do some research before you look for that new HDD, everyone!

TheTruth892895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Do not say bullsh!t man.

EVERY 2,5 HDD work with PS3.
There only one kind of 2,5 HDD that have some problem DUE TO higher mm dimensions (something like 2 / 3 mm (it won't fit at all btw). (very very very rare btw)

Regard 1TB issue... dunno xD.

And regards the 7200RPM.... pick an SSD and you will have 200x performance and no heat at all :D

nunley332895d ago

I have the 250gb slim with plenty of space left on it even with game installs and about 40 psn games on it too. wonder how much since the game won't include the DLC the retail disc is getting HMM,I do want to play this to see if it's as good as people say it is. I have a 360 but i would rather buy it for PS3.

Vortex3D2895d ago

One serious problem with having large hard drive on PS3 is the time takes to do full hard drive backup. If you ask why bother to do full hard drive backup, it's the only way to backup console locked saved game files.

It will take more than half a day to backup a 500GB hard drive that is full of data.

Of course if you have to clear up part of the hard drive for faster full hard drive backup, then there's no point having a large hard drive.

starcb262895d ago

I thought the limit was 500GB?

DualConsoleOwner2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

got 7200 rpm western digital 500gig.

lol extra heat?? not really. haha.

got it a year ago and still working fine.

btw, limit is not 500 gig. but its pretty expensive beyond 500gig at this point.

Bloodraid2895d ago

Are you lacking mentally by some chance?

Second sentence: ALL 2.5HDD's work with PS3.
Third Sentence: There are some 2.5HDD's that don't fit.

Just because of that, I'm going to pop one of your bubbles. Hopefully it'll cut down on the amount of stupid crap that gets posted here.

Ryudo2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )


How much crack have you been smoking?

"And regards the 7200RPM.... pick an SSD and you will have 200x performance and no heat at all :D"

First of all SSD's when used in conjunction with Playstation 3's improve load times by around 30 percent in certain games in some games they show no improvement at all.

So I have no idea where you got 200x the performance because it's not even possible, The PS3's Cell processor couldn't read the Data at 200x the speed of 7200rpm.

The data transfer cable doesn't have that much bandwidth it's completely and utterly impossible with current technology.

And secondly SDD drives do create heat. All be it not nearly as much as a HD but they still create heat.

In fact anything that carries energy creates heat, because what humans call heat is actually just the disbursement of energy.

ApexHell2894d ago

ps3 internal hard drive limit is 1 TB , external as far as i know supports up to 2 TB, but usb speed isnt fast enough for some games so they will hang.

Dac2u2894d ago

Please, try to put this HDD into your PS3 I'd love to see how it works out for you.

Not all 2.5" HDD's are compatible, this one is ATA6, not SATA.

He didn't say the 7200rpm drive wouldn't work, he said it generates more heat. Which is true, 7200rpm spins faster than 5400 and generates more heat, which can cause problems if you don't take care of your PS3.

Moentjers2894d ago

no downloadlimits here, 640GB hdd.

how did they call this, next-gen ?

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AK462895d ago

In a few few years it's gonna be Digital distribution or Hard copy(Blu-ray>, or both. Sony will have them all and the size of the load won't matter for Sony.

PS-_-GAMER2895d ago

Coño.... Omg con hielo.. Este baina ta dura...

CoLD FiRE2894d ago

And they say PC gaming is costly because you have to upgrade every 6 months. :\

gameraxis2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

i think some people are missing the point, as in will the extra 5 gigs make the game better in some way? Can just having it uncompressed make it that big? or will it come with dlc? hmmmm why such a size difference, full 1080p? who knows...

EDIT: OH wait, it came on two discs didn't it? yup nevermind. i was the one missing the point.

gameraxis2894d ago

i already played it on the 360 so i don't think i'll be getting it, unlike sigma, to which i was pissed they did away with the blood... better graphics and expansions or not... no blood in NG?!?!?! i think not

gameraxis2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

as with the comment related to "truth" MOST 2.5 inch SATA let me say again, SATA drives will work on the ps3, the extra rpm is ok, and will cause MORE heat than ur 5400? rpm i think it is currently in the ps3, but not so much so that it will cause any problems (likely) unless your playing in a hot environment as it is with no room for the ps3 to breath. but it will not improve ur ps3's performance by 200 times, like ryudo said. But against ryudo's statement the bandwidth that allows that 30 percent increase in load times is the xdr architecture, which allows faster transfer speed of data so if a dev were to actually code as such for a faster hdd or ssd (future), you probably COULD see more improvements than load times, BUT def not 200 times, not even twice the performance.

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mushroomwig2895d ago

Retail disc for me, I like having a collection. :]

Motorola2895d ago

Agreed, doesnt feel the same when your not holding the game in your hand. Especially for a game that is THIS good. (or so I have heard, still waiting for PS3 release :D)

RankFTW2895d ago

Aye retail for me too, will probably be cheaper and will also get it early.

Trixzter72895d ago

Woah, Grace Chen actually replied to somebody?
All this time I though she was a bot who just posted the Store Updates...

mushroomwig2895d ago

She's also been in one or two firmware update videos, she's pretty attractive if I must say.

Adva2895d ago

She is the worst PS Store rep. SCEE rep is x1000 better. He actually replies every post, with an avg of about 25 replies, he also includes some hints and actual info if he can. Grace Chen on the other hand ignores everything.

TANUKI2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Ha... it's actually 100% true what Adva said. I follow the blogs consistently, and I've only seen her respond maybe once... twice?

I guess she doesn't really care, b/c she thinks Sid and Jeff can do it all.

Warprincess1162895d ago

Great. I love digital downloads.
I definitely gone to download this.
I hope PSN gets some more game full games
like this near the release date of the disc version.
I hope capcom does this with MVC3.

Dave13512895d ago

i know xbox has games on demand which is awesome so im glad sony is finally getting some full games to catch up

BrianG2894d ago

Not really catching up, they both have had the service for some time, full retail games online.

Sony actually offered new games like Socom Confrontation day one on PSN. It took a while for games on demand to have any worthwhile mentions and still does not offer same day retail and online offerings like PSN.

So who is playing catchup if anyone is?

EskiJoe2894d ago

I believe that Burnout Paradise was available for download. And Siren the blood curse.


mac_sparrow2894d ago

Been doing it since Warhawk at least.

MGRogue20172895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Good luck downloading that... Gonna' take at least 2-3 days, Possibly even longer.. even on a 2-3MB broadband connection

mushroomwig2895d ago

A lot of people have a faster connection than 2-3MB, it's not 2004 anymore. ;)

Pandamobile2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Do some math...

It would take 66 minutes at 3 MB/s

or are you talking Mb? If you mean 3 Mb/s, that's roughly 375 KB/s, in which case it would take 8-9 hours.

3 Mb/s connections are pretty damn slow by today's standards, most people have 10-25 Mbps.

-Alpha2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I downloaded 3 GB in about an hour once. So no. At most it will take 4-5 hours for me.

ct032895d ago

You fail at math quite hard.
On a 3MB connection it downloads in just over an hour. On a 3Mb (mega bit) connection it downloads in about 9 hours.

TheTruth892895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

lol what?

I have a 10MB connection, 1mb/s ;D

2/3MB connections are outdated

HOTA9X2895d ago

lol tell that to my country .5 mb all the way!

MmaFanQc2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

im usually downloading 1gb in 5 minutes from the psn so it wont be a problem at all....

hey enkeixpress, WELCOME IN 2011 !

Bluemaster772894d ago

What the hell kind of connection do you have if your getting those type speeds ?!?!?

MmaFanQc2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

a basic connection with Videotron (quebec,canada) ...the only thing i hate is the 100gb limit per month.

ColinZeal2895d ago

12GB is like 15 minutes on my 100/50 connection. :) But DL from PSN is like half the speed so... half an hour? Yeah. Worth it even if the install takes x2 the time.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

It takes like 10 hours to download 12GB maybe a little less with a 2.5MB (around 250-350KBps) Broadband connection.

12GB, almost the same size as ME2 on PC.

dc12895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

It took me 5 hours to download DC universe (14 Gb). ..however,.. I do have pretty fast internet speed.

Omegasyde2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

All of the above,

Despite inventing the damn internet, the U.S. on average per household (subscription $30-40 per month) has slow d/l speeds in comparison to most of Europe and Asia.

U.S is not even in the top 10

(Assuming Enkei is from the U.S.)

Bordel_19002894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I have a 30/30 Megabit fiber connection. The ISP provides up to 200 Megabits, but I choose to pay for only 30, lowest speed available is 10/10.

I see many speak of dl limits, that's unheard of here, dl limits only apply to some mobile 3G and 4G subscriptions.

I'm in Norway btw.

Dorwrath2894d ago

Thats a bit excessive. I have a pretty good connection, and it wouldn't take that long.

However why does my PS3 take twice as long, if not more to download the same amount of data as my PC or 360. Put new cables switched things around but my PS3 is a dinosaur in downloading compared to my other systems.

kane_13712894d ago

i downloaded DC universe online beta which was 16gb and it took 24hr.
but my speed is low,it is around 100KB/sec i believe so it is understandable.
for most ppl it won't take more than a few hr

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