Rainy Woods Hits PS3 and X360

Marvelous Entertainment's latest has all the makings of a classic: an American west setting, a main cast consisting of FBI agents and police officers, and a horror story surrounding a pair of midgets. Welcome to Rainy Woods.

That's not only the name of the new PS3/X360 action/adventure game from Marvelous, but it's also the name of the game's setting. The story begins when the body of a young girl named Anna Graham is found one particularly rainy morning in the woods outside the town of Rainy Woods. This sends the town into panic. Has the legendary Raincoat Killer returned?

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HeavyweightInTheGame3836d ago

Sounds interesting and weird at the same time.

devilsadvocate3836d ago

sounds a bit twin peaks. Wicked!!!!

PoopsMagee3835d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. That would be way cool

Chriswsm3836d ago

I think the last few words of that article are the kiss of death.

Rainy Woods is set for Japanese release on both the 360 and PS3 some time in 2008. All it needs is an English voice cast, and it's guaranteed to be game of the year.

Game of the year eh!?! Methinks not.

darkvenom3835d ago

be a sleeper hit you never know,i'll keep checking up on this game.

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