Free Online RPG Coming to PS3

Q's secret PlayStation 3 project has come to light, but it's probably not what you were expecting. The publisher of games like Lumines and Meteos will be showing off its other side for its first PS3 project, a version of the online RPG Angel Love Online.

Released for the PC in December of last year, Angel Love Online places you in Eden, the land of angels. Once you've created a character and mastered the basics of the game through the Angel Academy tutorial mode, you select one of four kingdoms that will serve as the setting for your adventure. You play as a protector of angels, building up your own story as you meet other characters and monsters.

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Chriswsm3935d ago

Has anyone played the PC version?
If so is it any good?
Is it a MMORPG or limited to a set number of online co-op players?

Its free so I will give it a go even if its just for a few moments.

gamesR4fun3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Just saw some vids on Angel Love Online and I gotta say if It wasn't free they'd have to spruce it up a bit b4 Id buy it what with ff soon.
But still for free its not like its going to hurt to try :D

edit Looks like their will be another free mmog by Sony has well! Wow this is getting interesting I hope games like these fly. Just nice to have the choice of how much you want to spend on the game via the buy ins and what not. Great to see on a console at last wonder if the other will follow suit? Don't think they have a choice now that Sony has opened the gate.

Baba19063935d ago

its an mmoprg. at leats thats what i saw in a youtube trailer. with jobs classes and so on. if its free im trying this out.

Salvadore3935d ago

More reasons for me to buy a PS3.

QuackPot3935d ago

That's the free rpg I'm looking forward to.

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The story is too old to be commented.