Skate Demo: The Truth Behind the Delay

Over at the PlayStation.Blog's latest post on their Store update, many users were complaining about the lack of a Skate demo. Patrick Seybold responded to their complaints.

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power of Green 3929d ago

The truth behind the delay?, I didn't think people knew anything about it let alone being told false info.

DJ3929d ago

Tony Hawks Proving Grounds demo was as lame as can be.

LSDARBY3929d ago

totally agree, i thought it was way worse than project 8. And it looked awful.

BrotherSic3929d ago

also totally agree!

TH in comparison to skate... well there is no comparison as Skate is 9/10 and Tony Hawks is 3/10.

I would recommend playing the skate demo as some people will not like the controls so hopefully PS3 owners will get the demo soon.

sonarus3929d ago

for some reason i actually believe SCEA is the one lying on this one. Ps3 has gotten a lot of demos from ea of recent and i only expect them to get more. Even more notably these demos are being released approximately the same time as xbox. So EA saying the demo is in sony's hands seems more credible than Sony just getting it. Also sony has been known to hold on to demos for no apparent reason. WHERE THE HELL IS THE LAIR DEMO. Not that i want it now after you made me waste my 60 dollars just to find out for myself what rubbish it was.

monkey6023929d ago

They've also had a R&C demo for a couple of weeks now.

Maddens Raiders3929d ago

what, specifically did you not like about L.A.I.R.? You thought the entire game was rubbish?

zonetrooper53929d ago

I've played the Skate demo on the 360 and its such a great game, I would buy it for whatever system you own. Much better than the crappy Tony Hawks games.

xplosneer3929d ago

Skate demo = AWESOME. 100% agree. +bubbles

monkey6023929d ago

I lost interest in skating games around the time Tony Hawks Underground came out but Skate looks really good

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The story is too old to be commented.