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Submitted by ItsEvan 1851d ago | opinion piece

Reasons why you should NOT play on "P*ssy" difficulty

Wanted: Weapons of Fate had a difficulty choice named p*ssy, to not only add to the edgy feeling of the comic that it tried to portray, but also to insult the player that cheated themselves out of an experience to improve their skills. (Culture)

hay  +   1851d ago
Exactly! Playing on HARD makes me... HARD!...!...
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DERKADER  +   1851d ago
If I play on EASY does that make me a floozy?
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MintBerryCrunch  +   1851d ago
thing is, some gamers dont associate fun with the difficulty of the game...easy, normal, sure everyone finds fun in each of those settings...some people like the challenge...others just the enjoyment of the game no matter how hard

games like GTA and AC dont have a difficulty setting and people find it fun because there is a balance and it isnt over the top difficult or too easy
egidem  +   1851d ago
No it doesn't. But you just won't get as much skill as you would if you were playing the game on hard.
Perjoss  +   1851d ago
I'm an average gamer, so games on hard mode usually feel more like work than fun, to me anyway.

in the end, if you are actually enjoying the game you will repeat the same section over and over until you beat it and not get angry in the process.
Pumbli  +   1851d ago
MintBerryCrunch - Exactly, bubbles to you.

I sometimes love to relax and play a few Uncharted 2 levels on easy and the next day murdering some Frenchmen as England in Medieval 2 Total War on very hard.
TheDivine  +   1851d ago
It depends on the game for me. I played the hell out of hard games like demons souls, divinity 2 exc and played the hell out easy games like fable 2/3 exc. On some games i put it on hard like mgs, on others that i play for fun i put on easy. The really long games that i know i dont have time to die alot on i put on easy so im not replaying a whole lot. I love games that let you change the difficulty ingame, really handy. If a game is balanced right, there doesnt need to be settings though. Idk everyones different.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1851d ago
on Veteran was a B1TCH. Heat and One Shot, One Kill was fucking insanely difficult. Waves of pinpoint enemies come at you and you have a time limit to complete the level and the second requires you defend a guy (who can't help you) will waves and waves of pinpoint accurate enemies swarm you. I almost broke the game....
ct03  +   1851d ago
COD4 a few really tough spots on Veteran. I must have replayed that room in the radio station 50 times.

But it makes the game much better in my opinion. You can't run around like Rambo, any shot can kill you immediately. And those enmies have excellent aim.

I even turned off the crosshair for maximum realism. Real-life pros don't fire from the hip either.
iamgoatman  +   1851d ago
That level was indeed a bitch to finish. In the end I sort of cheated and hid out of the way to the right of where you're supposed to be, only had to take down a couple of people who coming looking for you. But even though it's sort of hit and miss getting to the chopper without being mown down.
ct03  +   1851d ago
Oh, are you guys talking about the sniper mission where you need to wait for the helicopter?

Oh yes, that was probably the toughest spot in the game. I'm not sure if it's even possible to beat this mission without sitting on one of the two enemy spawning points.

Hiding never worked for me. They always found me right away. Or rather, their countless grenades did.
egidem  +   1851d ago
A couple of games come to mind when we're talking about difficulty.
Wipeout HD, Killzone 2 on Elite difficulty and Call of Duty World at War to name a few, did piss me off on hard difficulties, especially Killzone 2 and WaW. Wipeout is a different degree of difficulty. I prefer to play the game on harder difficulties, just to get a bit of a challenge as well as skill.
omicron009  +   1851d ago
SC2 on brutal is....brutal :)
moe84  +   1851d ago
It can be. Some missions really aren't that bad though. Hell I found some missions on Brutal, were actually easier than doing some of the Hard achievements.
Kran  +   1851d ago ops-mission-4-how-long-did-it- t ake-you-in-veteran


Just sayin'.

However, Alan Wake's nightmare difficulty wasn't too bad. I was hugely brave though to go for the "Gunless Wonder" achievement where I had to not fire a single bullet from a weapon in episode 6.... IN NIGHTMARE DIFFICULTY.
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hamburger123  +   1851d ago
Reviewers usually play on easy right ?
Kran  +   1851d ago
Usually, just so they can get a game completed and the review up ASAP. I do for my reviews, but then I usually go back and play on hard.

I do prefer games that have no difficulty setting like Assassin's Creed however.
Perjoss  +   1851d ago
sure, games like red dead redemption are not really about wether you can or can't beat it but more about the long journey of getting from start to finish and enjoying the ride.
BeaArthur  +   1851d ago
Most sites I see have a policy to play it on normal, but I'm sure there are those out there who put it on easy to try and get the review ready as quickly as possible.
soundslike  +   1851d ago
I remember some website like gamespot/ign/GT/etc was saying that in the new castlevania the magic was pointless because all they did was spam one or two combos, and as such listed at as a negative.

Then I heard from someone who played it on normal and harder, that the magic was pretty much your only chance at surviving.

on GT5: "Drifting sucks"
*says the dude in a AWD car with racing tires and driving aids all turned on*
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BeaArthur  +   1851d ago
You should play it on whatever difficulty you feel comfortable playing it on. Every game is different, and where some games offer a good challenge on normal others offer a good challenge on hard or "extreme".
ItsEvan  +   1851d ago
That's true. I'm just listing the perks that come out of playing on a harder difficulty. Most people don't like to move out of their comfort zones, so I'm just trying to provide an incentive to give it a shot.
BeaArthur  +   1851d ago
Yeah I gotcha. I always start on hard and then if that's not too horrible I'll try again on a harder level. If it's too frustrating I will bump it down.
ct03  +   1851d ago
It also depends on the game I think. While I play almost all games on the hardest difficulty, I prefer a few games on normal difficulty. Mass Effect for example, because I want to simply experience the epic storyline without constantly worrying about dieing.

In some games the hardest difficulty is a little silly. I've recently replayed Half-Life, and on hard difficulty you need to shoot about 25 to 30 MP5 rounds into a Marine before he drops. That's just retarded.
ActionBastard  +   1851d ago
COD2 on veteran was hell. But the 1000g came with a great feeling of accomplishment.
iamgoatman  +   1851d ago
COD2 on vet was a piece of piss compared to COD3 and W@W, mostly due to the terrible AI spawning in 3 and grenade spamming in W@W, finishing a level was more down to luck.
Perjoss  +   1851d ago
I have a small fracture in my hand that never fully healed from getting my 1000 from CoD2 on 360, punched my couch / sofa a few too many times, was a cool feeling to finally get it but not worth the permanent damage to my hand lol.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1851d ago
It bugs the hell out of me
If I play on anything less than the hardest difficulty. When I first played Lost Planet (hard game because of the depleting health bar thing) I HAD to play on normal because I simply couldn't even pass the FIRST level on Hard. It bugged me so much after I finished the game that I recently got it back out and FORCED myself to play it again on hard. It took a while (a longass while) but I did it.

The point is that you get the most out of a game playing on the hardest difficulty. I play games for the challenge and entertainment. Do you guys honestly have fun playing games on such low difficulties that its near impossible to lose? Whats the point then?
ambientFLIER  +   1851d ago
Um, I play games to relax and have fun, and not to be frustrated beyond belief. That's what real life is for. So yes, we have fun playing on low difficulties.

A lot of games don't even make "Hard" a realistic setting, they just increase the enemy grenade spamming to 1000% and their health to 500%, so how is that fun or entertaining, and how do you get the most out of it when it's so much work?

You can still lose on easy or normal, it's not like the game plays itself.

Not to mention the fact that a lot of games use hard difficulty to artificially extend the length of the campaign. "Ok guys, you can beat the campaign in our game in three hours, but if we give this boss 10 times the health and 100 times better accuracy, it will take you forever to beat him, and it will extend the playtime to 10 hours! Awesome!!! We just made a 10-hour game!!!"
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HeavenlySnipes  +   1850d ago
Whenever I play on Normal (never lower)
I find that the game isn't challenging. I play the game to be challenge and for the story etc..

Playing the game without any challenge will make most games boring. The only recent game I could say will have the same experience on any level of difficulty is Persona games. Mostly because the best part bout the game is the story.

The way I think about it if I can play a game and not try and win I won't feel any sense of accomplishment while playing. Whats the point then? If I'm playing the game just to make myself win then I don't see how you gain anything out of playing the game unless you play games purely for the story.
iamgoatman  +   1851d ago
I normally start on normal difficulty when I first play a game, just so I don't get stuck on a particular section which can end up ruining the immersion in a story heavy game. I also tend to replay games quite a bit, which is when I go for the hardest settings.

The only time I go for easy settings is if I don't have much experience with a particular type of game, or playing a genre in which gameplay can vary heavily, like RTS. I remember it took me a few attempts to beat the easy AI in Company of Heroes, just need to get used to it.

It's annoying though when you find a game thats too easy even on the hardest settings, like F1 2010, first season playing with a Lotus, legend AI which is the hardest, all assists off apart from traction control, and still qualifying consistently in the top 10, even getting a few polls. Also leading the championship even though my team mate hasn't scored a single point. Now that's annoying, especially if you're looking for a little realism.
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Joe Bomb  +   1851d ago
Hard is the only way to get the most out of your games. If you play every game you buy on easy you suck at video games and you should find a new hobby. Even normal is kinda girly.
Joe Bomb  +   1850d ago
Disagree, that's fine, you still suck at video games and should find a new hobby. Nothing will change that.
outwar6010  +   1851d ago
playing on easy shows you the TRUE length of the game they did it to encourage people to play on harder difficulties to do what? add to the game time its a lazy dev trick and you fell for it
Human Analog  +   1851d ago
I have enough things in my life that frustrate me (work, bills, kids, and I still can't do a standing 360deg. flip). When I play games I play to relax, and have fun. I will play on what ever difficulty gives me MY PERSONAL expierence I want. I am not worried if it makes me a 'real' gamer or not. Concidering I have been playing videogames since 1980 on my first ATARI, I feel fairly confident in my gaming status. The games back then didn't offer difficulty settings. You just played them. The same with games like Mario and the like. Now that I am pushing 40 years old, and still gaming around 15-20 hours a week on an xbox and or a ps3 I have too many games to fight them to finish them. I would much rather finish one and enjoy the story and core gameplay, but everyone has thier own agenda for things. Be it bragging rites, or honing skills, or whatever. But personally I hate frustration, and don't find that aspect enjoyable.
soundslike  +   1851d ago
Valid and legimate, but
The problem is that games are being built towards the reduction of frustration and not with modes that reduce them. The older games you've played are definitely comparable with harder difficulty settings today. If you were at the age you played mario, today, don't you think that because of the market and player aversion of frustration it would be ruined in ways?

SOLUTION: Make games harder first, with easy modes
and bring back cheat codes.

Most easy modes pretty much give you god mode anyway. Just with the illusion of being hurt.
chazjamie  +   1851d ago
I been gaming since the sega saturn days. My main complaint is that those games did not have a save option. anyhey. I have to play todays games on a harder setting to extend the awesome 4 hours of immersive gameplay. God of war took 12 hours because any other difficulty would bring shame to the the name. Ratchet took 20. Bioshock took forever. Fuck demons souls cause its boring. Fallout took 160 odd hourz on hard.
thebudgetgamer  +   1851d ago
my first play through of any game is ussualy on easy, so what wanna fight.
christheredhead  +   1851d ago
if youre playing a 6 hour cinematic movie like experience such as gow 3 or uncharted 2 there isnt really a reason to play on ultra hard difficulty unless you wanna go for trophies. there is nothing wrong with playing games on easy. some people, like myself, just wanna soak in the story and atmosphere without worrying about dying. it can really take you out of the immersion when you constantly have to repeat a section due to 2 or 3 bullets resulting in a death. i personally like to go back and try it on a harder difficulty though.
Relientk77  +   1851d ago
The game for the movie Wanted, its easiest difficulty is called Pussy lol
divideby0  +   1851d ago
why would anyone care what diff. someone else plays on..

time to get a life, if this stuff is impt. to you
soundslike  +   1851d ago
because the majority of players dictate the budgets and types of games that are released.

At the end of the day, gamers are just numbers and dollar signs to a publisher, and if the number of gamers isn't enough to justify the production of a game, it wont be made. Or even worse, it will be rushed and cut off before it was done.
Wolf873  +   1851d ago
Good points, but not for a gamer like me. I don't play games for challenge or to get feeling of accomplishment (which can be attained for something that really matters). I play games for their rich stories, engrossing atmosphere, and beautiful scenery. That's basically it. I'm a sucker for beautiful art and good stories, so I don't make exceptions for where I find those things.Games are an excellent medium for such things, perhaps more-so than movies as you can tell complex tales which span hours more than any movie.
AHall88  +   1851d ago
Me want mad gamer skillz to get me hot woman and social standing.... yeah right, losers.
Who cares about skill when it relates to video games? Games are meant to be fun, if that means playing an the easiest setting then so be it.
Leave the challenges and accomplishments for real life, when there's more than enough.
Bromeslice  +   1851d ago
I beat Halo: Reach on legendary and I must say you get so much more enjoyment and satisfaction out of it when you play it on hard. I really began to assess each situation before I went in, checking my ammo and considering what guns I had. I felt like I was overwhelmed, and outnumbered, instead of like a walking tank. It was a much more rewarding experience, it emphasized game mechanics that I would have missed had I played it on normal
teh  +   1851d ago
that last level of sc2 was so epic!
Murgatroyd7  +   1851d ago
I'm with folks who play more for the experience and relaxation. I like a challenge just as much as anyone else, but it's more important to enjoy what I'm doing. There's nothing of importance to be gained making it more frustrating. Not that there's anything wrong with choosing to do so, of course.
RaymondM  +   1848d ago
I'll always play a game on highest difficulty to get a challenge...except for a game like Ninja gaiden...F every setting on that game

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