Valve: PC is the centre of gaming innovation, open platforms are where ideas come from

There's a very simple argument to the misguided notion that the PC is dead or dying. Not just the bog-obvious fact that people have been saying it's dead for years now with no sign of being right, much like a crap soothsayer knocking back the date of the apocalypse every time it doesn't happen.

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Shanks2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

So don't make console versions.
Oh wait, they're the only versions that make profit.
Valve, shut the fuck up.

Kran2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

You're joking right? Thats like telling Activision Blizzard to stop making multiplat, even though it's known that Blizzard Entertainment has a strong market in PC.

You sir, know nothing, and are a console fanboy. I, on the otherhand, are for on all 3 (PC, 360 and PS3), so that is where you fail.

Shanks2891d ago

Im not a console fanboy. in fact, I prefer my PC over any console. I just hate when a developer talk shit like "PC is the centre of gaming innovation" because it aint true, innovation can come from any platform.

Kran2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )


Then tell me this. How do you make a game? Do you make a game through a console or do you make one on a computer? And that's proof that the PC is the center.

DERKADER2891d ago

What you fail to realize is the amount of resources it would take to make a game and get it published on Consoles compared to PC. A game like Minecraft would have never gotten enough funding or support to make it to Console.

Fishy Fingers2891d ago

Shanks, perhaps it isnt Valve that should shut the f*** up. Just a thought.

AndrewRyan2891d ago

Haha. Shanks thinks they develop the game using console programs!

"Let me just open up design studios here on my xbox 360... Oh... Wait..."

Arnon2891d ago

I'm more shocked that Shanks believes that the console port of games are more profitable than a PC port.

Seferoth752891d ago

Hd fanboys are no better than single console fanboys honestly.

starcb262891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

When you buy a game off of steam how much goes to the developer?

Edit: Why did I get a disagree for asking a question?

Motion2891d ago


Hard to say really, Valve buys all the keys from the developer/publishers for whatever rate it was set at, then turns around and sells them for whatever they feel like. Sometimes Valve makes a profit, sometimes they take a loss but get new users. They have found a great balance and pretty much everyone ends up happy :)

TABSF2891d ago

I don't think Valve purchases keys, much riskier for them.

From what I know Valve get 10% - 15% of each sale.

Also I heard most developers get only 8% out of a console retail sale of $60 = $4.8

If the 10% - 15% is correct a Steam sale of $40 it mean up to 85% goes to the developer = $34

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VenomProject2891d ago

I'm learning that N4G isn't just for Sony fanboys, the site is also home to rampant PC elitists.

kaveti66162891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

PC elitists actually have evidence to back up their claims.

So, yeah, they can be douchebags. But they're usually right.


That's not what I meant.

A fanboy douche who has valid evidence for his claims is less annoying than a retarded fanboy douche such as a PS3 fanboy who thinks the Cell processor is some amazingly powerful piece of technology when a 5 year old CPU can outperform it in nearly every category.

PC elitists are not like fanboys because PC eilitists represent a variety of different part combinations, operating systems, DRMs, and so on.

They can't really be fanboys because fanboys are people who slobber over a very specific product, such as the 360 or PS3.

Fanboys are the dogs who eat crumbs from the PC table.

And maybe PC Elitists are obnoxious because they have been doing things that console fanboys are just barely bragging about?

720p graphics running at 30 frames per second? ZOMG, is it 1999?

640p graphics with HDR lighting? whoop dee doo.

The PS3 fanboys argue that the 360 is holding gaming back.

Why shouldn't the PC gamers be able to say that the PS3 is holding gaming back?

Chug2891d ago

Yeah I'll remember that. It's ok to be a fanboy douche as long as you got teh evidence.

VenomProject2891d ago


"Fanboys are the dogs who eat crumbs from the PC table."


Both PC elitists AND console fanboys are a bunch of sniveling idiots.

Play what you want and STFU.

FGHFGHFGH2891d ago

I think it because game developers have to work around the 360 not having a dedicated hard drive. Graphics have always been scalable on pc but I did hear somewhere that MS requires games on 360 to use dx9 so maybe that's why. Plus since the 360 came out MS don't update direct x no more just when they release a new os

evrfighter2891d ago

ah the good old days when 720p gaming was considered High-def.

fast forward almost 10 years and

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Apotheosize2891d ago

Gabe should maybe release ep3 before he talks about innovation

Shackdaddy8362891d ago

Yep, you can just ignore every innovative thing that valve did in the past cus it all depends on ep3./s

ct032891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

It has been too long. They will follow up with a full blown Half-Life 3 instead.

Xfanboy2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

somebody is getting paid!! It rear to see digital sales numbers but for 1 month with no holiday sales that's very good!!

BlackBusterCritic2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Profit? Developers only make around $8 from a full retail console game sold at $59.99, while they make around $38 dollars from a PC game sold at $49.99. See the difference? And yeah, I'm sure console versions are the only ones making profit, but PC game sales have increased 49% over the previous year (and experienced an increase the two years before as well), while console game sales have DROPPED 29% over last year (and experienced drops in the two years prior).
Kid, please, shut the fuck up. =)

Edit: I didn't include the increases in revenue from MMOs, and other free-to-play games on PC. That would make the amount of profit from PC gaming too great for console gamers to understand.

Mista T2891d ago

yup, things like steam can help developers profit more, since they really don't have to worry about making disks and getting them shipped.

arjman2891d ago

You know they could just sell their pc games through steam and eliminate both shipping and packaging as well as the premium that retailers charge...

No shipping and packaging means more profit

Kon2891d ago

You sir, failed horribly

Ducky2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Innovation =/= profit
... but Valve's games are not even referenced to begin with.

Please think before making a comment. Or, if that proves to be too challenging, then try to read the article.

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MintBerryCrunch2891d ago

i want to know when steam works will be making its debut on the PS3, there hasnt been much news about it since last years E3

MintBerryCrunch2891d ago

really? did not know that...thanks for the info

Arnon2891d ago

So far, Steamworks is never coming to PS3. Steam Cloud for Portal 2 is coming to PS3.

dktxx22891d ago

Innovative ideas can come from consoles, handhelds, pc, anything. The PC has many advantages over consoles, but being the center of innovation is not one.

kaveti66162891d ago

A console is a downgraded platform that runs games created on PC.

There is no way for a console to be innovative. Everything that you see on a console was created on a PC.

dktxx22891d ago

your twisting words. as a gaming platform (not game creating platform) innovation comes from human minds. a console doesn't limit developers from using their ideas. and maybe graphics will be worse, but graphics dont make a game. never will, or at least never should.

kaveti66162891d ago

". a console doesn't limit developers from using their ideas. and maybe graphics will be worse, but graphics dont make a game. never will, or at least never should."

You act as if there are games on consoles that simply could not be done on PC.

Every single game that is on a console was created on PC. Therefore, how can any innovation come from a console?

And consoles DO limit the vision of the developers. Why would you deny it?

Mista T2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

this is true, until consoles let mods and things like that occur on their platform then this statement is true.

Edit @ below: thats not really modding in the manner I'm talking about. it's modding in the sense of well... like this,

ct032891d ago

Well, just follow the discussion around the PS3 custom firmware.
N4G is aflame with Sonyboys wishing cancer on anybody who even thinks of modding their PS3 to make it more open.

yamzilla2891d ago

PC makes more money than ps3 and 360 software combined.

WoW alone makes more in one month than all of the xbox games division in a quarter.

14 million people who all paid $50 for the game = 700 million

at least 6 million of those bought all three expansions = 720 million

14 million x $15 a month = 210 millon a month

now add and extra 50 million a month for paid charachter transfers, pets, ect.

now please tell me how the bloated budget of uncharted 2 which sold what....? 6 million = 360 million, after all the ads, artists paid, publisher paid, lol whats left? 100 makes that in a week!!

so don't talk about money...

720p or less is what you get with consoles
0-2x anti alising with jaggies everywhere
20-30 frames per second
long load times
pop-in up the wazoo
day one dlc
overpriced flash games that are free on pc "ohhh limbo is so sweet"

Consoles are for poor people who are too stupid to take anything into their own hands.

mo' gubment cheese please masa

Mista T2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

yeah, this is a perfect example. this is crysis 2 on xbox 360.

the screen eyes!!!
gameplay starts at 2:18

Seferoth752891d ago

If only it worked that way. The biggest portion of Wow players got the game for completely free and they do not pay 14.99 a month to play it. China and other countries do not do things the same way.

Yes some consoles are for poor people. Usually the ones talking about how important graphics are while playing on consoles. however that doesnt make your point any more valid.

dktxx22891d ago

Ya only poor people play consoles. Its absolutely impossible to prefer consoles. Only bad gamers play consoles. real gamers play pc. /s

Even a clansmen would be astounded at that ignorance. wow.

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