Hot Shots Golf Online Set for PSP, 16 Players Supported

Seems like PSP has been getting a ton of love lately. Following a series of GPS-based Hot Shots Golf games targeting serious golfers, Sony is at last delivering a sequel for everyone. Hot Shots Golf Portable 2 (or, as it will be known in Japan, Minna no Golf Portable 2), is now in development at Sony and Clap Hanz.

You'll find a total of 20 characters, up by 10 from the original. Courses have increased to 12. This includes the six from the original that have been updated for their return.

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Bigmac5733875d ago

That very much like the first game, I will pour hours into this one too. And with multiplayer, the best golf game on the market just got better.

Azures3874d ago

You hear that EA? A golf game that can play online, well.

Xi3874d ago

that's it.

Albatross 18, a free online game which is just as good(imo better) has 40 person online tourneys.