The most disappointing sequels of 2010

There were many spectacular failures in 2010... but how many of these were sequels to games that were actually great, and led to anticipation? Find out!

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deadreckoning6662892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Crackdown 2 wasn't dissapointing....because people didn't expect much in the first place, at least I didn't.

I saw it at E3...SHIT.

I played it...still SHIT.

Blaze9292892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

crackdown 2 was by far the most disappointing sequel of 2010..if not ever. I enjoyed the hell out of Crackdown 1 but 2 was just...bad.

oh, forgot this: IN MY OPINION

ActionBastard2892d ago

I played the hell out of Crackdown. Was actually shocked it was as good as it was, since I bought it for the Halo 3 beta. Crackdown 2 was insulting. Guarding those beacons while mutants just ran around was THE worst design choice ever.

RedDead2892d ago

Haha, that's why I got Crackdown aswell, i was expecting a piece of shi* game, surprised the crap outta me.

DelbertGrady2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

True. Crackdown 2 was basically Crackdown 1 with mutants and worse level design. It didn't bring anything at all new to the table and was a slap in the face to its fanbase. I still want them to make a third one but if so they need to put lots more effort into it.

At first I didn't like Dead Rising 2 but after playing it for a couple of hours, and in co-op, it grew on me and now I rate it as one of my favourite games of 2010.

MatthewMk22892d ago

The Forgotten Sands WAS NOT A FUCKING MOVIE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calling TFS a movie game is like saying Uncharted 3 is a tie-in to the upcoming Uncharted movie. Or Street Fighter IV is a movie game because it released around the same time as that god awful "Legend of Chun-li" Movie. The Forgotten Sands had absolutely nothing to do with the Prince of Persia movie.

chadley2892d ago

Easy there sailor. Forgotten Sands was a movie game bud.

Kran2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

No.... it wasn't. It was set between The Sands of Time GAME and The Two Thrones.

Seriously. How many times does that need to go through your head before you realise? Not once did I see a refference between the game and movie. And if it was a movie game, which those games usually suck, how comes I rather enjoyed the game more than the movie? I understand the movie and game were released at the same time, but that was only to try and boost sales.

And if this was a "movie game" wouldn't disney of been a part of the game as they are of the movie?


... So uh.... explain how those points prove it's a movie game? Cause really, that just looks like a brief bulletpointed review of the game. And the 2008 game was NOT a reboot. It was something Ubisoft wanted to try out and learned it was something the fans never wanted to see again.

Blaze9292892d ago

Forgotten Sands was a movie game. Deny it all you want, it was a movie game. Let's check the facts:

- it wasn't done by the Ubisoft team that always handles the PoP series
- it released the same time as the movie
- only took what, 6 months to develop?
- was $59.99 for a VERY short experience
- didn't receive high praise from critics
- "randomly" jumped back to the sands of times era instead of continuing from the 2008 PoP reboot.
- it sucked?

I mean really, I could go on and on here.

chadley2892d ago

Dude. It doesn't matter. it was poor. and a movie game. and extremely poor. Calm down. it's the internet. By getting mad at people you just make them LOL at you there friend. You make a fool of yourself

Neo Nugget2892d ago

People actually thought The Forgotten Sands was a MOVIE GAME?

Oh.....bwuahaha...HAHAHA....I 'm sorry. It's just so funny....

-Gespenst-2892d ago

How fuckin' clueless are you people?? TFS wasn't a movie tie in, it just happened to get released concurrently with the film.

The film was an adaptation of THE SANDS OF TIME. That name should ring a few bells. Whereas the game was THE FORGOTTEN SANDS. It took place between The Sands of Time and The Warrior Within. NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FILM. Sure it may have helped to promote the PoP franchise by getting released roughly around the same time as the film but it's not a tie in. It was an interquel based on the actual games. The film itself actually departed quite extensively from the the game it took its name from.

aPerson2892d ago

The game is not a movie tie-in. Seriously, some people here have the IQ of a goldfish.

Xilef2891d ago

it wasn't a movie game, it was just a PoP game released at the same time as the movie so that people who saw the movie would by the game, it had nothing to do with the movie itself.

smashman982890d ago

on top of that i really enjoyed forgottend sands i hope they make some more with the yuri lowenthal version of the prince

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visualb2892d ago

i think everyone is confused....

no it wasn't a movie game (no tie in/correlation with the movie) but it was co-released with the movie to ride the hype, thus rushed and probably unnecessary

jillthornton2892d ago

Pretty sure you didn't bother to read. The article says it was a movie 'tie-in'. There's a difference.

smashman982890d ago

well the article is wrong

chadley2892d ago

I really enjoyed this list. I think it should've been a bit longer, but the games on this list ring true.

Also @ActionBastard

A "Dissappointing" game is a sequel that had a really fun original game. Crackdown 2 didn't suck nearly as bad as Crackdown 1

ian722892d ago

PoP the forgotten sands is a decent game IMO. Its better than the last PoP game that came out. The forgotten sands went back to the sands of time/warrior within style, which to me is better.

A LIVING LEGEND2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Fallout NV let me down.Even without the bugs I would say it was average at best.
Results may vary :)
LP2 should have included a blindfold,a bottle of cheap vodka,a pack of razors and a 50$ rebate card.

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