Lair and Warhawk: The Associated Press Video Review

The mainstream press reviews Lair and Warhawk.

Lair: "The controls do not work at all; it's just impossible to control what you're doing. And it's really a shame because it's such a great looking game that the production values are top notch. Lair might look good but it's not enough to save this game's abysmal controls... One star out of four."

Warhawk: "This is just kinda simple straight up action combat game - you run in, you go online, you blast thing up for a while, and you leave. This is first kinda good, solid online action game for the PS3; Warhawk is a good looking game, a little generic, but fun to play, easy to play... Three-and-a-half stars out of four."

Reviewed by Matt Slagle of the Associated Press.

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felidae3839d ago

TAP ... please, just shut up!

Lair's controls are very good. played it 2 hours and i never had any kind of frustrating moments.

Reviews = Who cares?

MalcomGrasley3839d ago

Matt Slagle is a complete piece of sh!t.

It's beyond pathetic now with the "bad Lair controls" bullsh!t. Everyone who now owns Lair can see firsthand what a complete and utter joke game 'reviews' are.

Here are Lair's oh so hard to master controls:

You bank the controller left, the dragon...banks left!
You bank the controller right, the dragon...banks right!
You bank the controller up, the dragon...banks up!
You bank the controller down, the dragon...banks down!

There is a range fireball attack, and a up close dragon vs dragon button.

Sorry if I confused anyone. Lair is absolutely breathtaking to see. It is amazing to see on a big 1080p set. Flying around with so much insane stuff going on all around is beyond anything you've ever seen before in a video game.

1080p graphics with insane amounts of detail and draw distances, gigantic level sizes that fill up a BluRay's 25 gig disc, and spot on motion controls.

Lair is every Xbox and Nintendo fanboys worst nightmare. Lair MUST BE SLAMMED AS HARD AS POSSIBLE AT EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY.

Lumbo3839d ago

is it really necessary to post EVERY single Lair/Warhawk review ?
Why not link to metacritic and be done with it.

ktchong3839d ago

it's coming from the mainstream press from outside the gaming community. The mainstream press, unlike the gaming press, reflects the perspective of the "casual" gamers and mass consumers. Hundreds of millions of people read and watch news from the mainstream press like Reuters, the AP, and the AFP.

MetaCritic or GameRanking includes reviews from the gaming press but usually not from the mainstream press like Reuters, the AP, and the AFP.

paracardium3839d ago

I can fly that dragon quite accurately.. how can anyone not after doing the tutorials?Reviewers get paid for this I think anyone could be a reviewer it's just now they're getting fat and lazy and anything new scares em.

TheXgamerLive3839d ago

As my friend, The round peg just advised, this is coming from OUTSIDE the gaming community.
This is more so what the average (non) hard core gamer would think and feel so take it very seriously.
This is what most people will read as it's a major read report from the Associated Press.

Sony started out doing wrong and have in some ways helped themselves and there image but in many other ways they continue to damage it, and LAIR is just another way in which they have. This is based on what they were promising gamers but haven't delivered, while contrary to what you may want to believe MS and the Xbox 360 non withstanding there red ring issue is still giving gamers in huge numbers everything that they've been wishing for, every game, the best graphics, exclusives titles, exclusive downloads, the best online play, the freshest of the fresh, just look in the next few weeks, HALO 3 and soon after MASS EFFECT.

MS has resolved there red ring issue if not through the neccesary changes then atleast through there free 3 yr. warranty.

IMO, I think our next gen. future 2010+ consoles will be thought out smarter to ensure there giving only what the people want and not what someone/some corporation wants to force on them.

PimpHandHappy3839d ago


yea 32players online without lag is a little generic!

Still need to play Lair.....waiting for it to be on the shelfs at my local buster....

TheXgamerLive3839d ago

Warhawk is nice to look at but it is generic in that it doesn't stand out in looks when playing, there's no epic story. There's many questions you get when playing it.
But yes, still a great online game and a much needed one for sony.

DJ3839d ago

Every position is important in that game, whether it's ground combat, anti-aircraft gunners, jeeps, tanks, or warhawks. No one's pulled off battles with that much scale and variety so successfully before, and the art and animation style is very unique.

And of course Warhawk doesn't have "an epic story"; the box itself says "Multiplayer Only" in pretty big font.

Maddens Raiders3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

WarHawk is outstanding and L-A-I-R is very cool. I have them both. I'm still learning WarHawk as I just downloaded it last night and got my ass kicked a couple of times, so practice, practice, practice. Generic? Good grief, these people are really pathetic for describing it as such. WarHawk is a bonafide HIT.

Here's my standard review of L.A.I.R. which I picked up two days ago along with Heavenly Sword which the press seems to be falling in lock step with. I am so damn tired of these idiot reviewers so here ya go Pimp Hand -- this might help your decision regarding a rental vs. purchase
============================= ==

1 - Rubbish! -
I've got the game and it plays as it should. Factor 5 wanted to introduce motion sensing as the medium for control as opposed to the tried but true, albeit unoriginal thumbstick control. The funny thing is that my friend and I (who happens to be a member here @ N4G [AlitheWise]) were playing it last night. He is a big Wii fan so he picked it up and played it flawlessly. It was slightly telling when he looked at me and asked, "What's everyone complaining about?" I replied if people don't have something to complain about sometimes it's hard to justify your job.

All in all this game is absolutely beautiful -- and yes I bought it, didn't rent it. The one thing that takes a lot of learning in my opinion is the in air dragon battles. I'm only on the third campaign, but already I can see how exciting this game is going to be as I continue moving along and mastering the controls. I would be remised also if I didn't mention the musical score. Music is a big factor for me in games and L.A.I.R doesn't disappoint. It sounds like the NY Philharmonic is in my living room everytime I crank up this game. Crisp, mood setting sound that fills out the story brilliantly. I also like the medal system and upgrades as this adds a little more to the game in replay value -- only making one a better master of the controls as you move along to completion. Fine tuning the controls is an art and should be approached as mastering the fine twitches of Gran Turismo. This is a brilliant game.

Drawback: I have not mastered the 180 yet and it seems like I'll have to practice a little harder to get it down pat. I must add; however, that it's not an integral part of the game (at this point) and may be more vital as I get deeper into the game. I'll just have to see, but for now banking left or right works just fine.

Madden's Raiders review of L.A.I.R. -

Gameplay --- 8
Sound --- 9
Graphics --- 9
Replay --- 8
Controls --- 8

84% Overall Score

@PSN -
Maddens Raiders

Definitely worth a purchase as is Heavenly Sword and Warhawk. These games are all really great and a load of fun to play.

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