An explosion of new Ace Combat: Assault Horizon screens — Scrawl

Scrawl: "A set of nearly 40 new screenshots for Namco Bandai’s upcoming fighter-plane sequel, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, has been released today."

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )


Just bought IL2 the other day to satisfy my craving. But while I think it's an awesome game I really miss my F-16.

What is this? Looks like an F-35 almost.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2865d ago

Oh, I guess it just looks weird from that angle.

Maddens Raiders2865d ago

in '06 to get the PS3 was for this game (the others were GT5 & KILLZONE 2) & sadly it never made it. After the announcement that AC would actually make it to the console after 6+ years, I find it nearly impossible to get excited about AH, given the multi-plat direction NB has taken this legendary series. Multi-plats are always dumbed down and we all know why.

TheBand1t2865d ago

AC6 was the only reason I bought a PS3. Everything else was extra.

killcycle2865d ago

weren't Ace combat 6 was exclusive to 360?

TheBand1t2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

I assumed that AC6 would come to the PS3, so I bought it. We all know how that turned out. Unless that wasn't obvious.

Bnet3432865d ago

IDK what's obvious. All I know is AC6 was a good game and the graphics made my jaw drop.

Neckbear2865d ago

You know, it's kinda silly to say "Multiplats are dumbed down hurrr", since some of the best games this generation are multiplatform.


Yes, it was.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2865d ago

It's not silly at all. There are lots of examples of games that could've been better if they were exclusive. In fact I believe every game could've been better if it were exclusive. It has nothing to do with fanboyism it's just that developing for multiple different platforms consumes alot of time and effort that could've been focused on a single platforms strengths. But you're right. Multiplats have been kicking butt this gen. That just tells me they could've been better if they were exclusive to a single platform.

mastiffchild2865d ago

The thing which makes multiplats limited more this generation is the way the two HD consoles are so close in market share-not wishing to alienate half their market multi devs AIM for parity first and foremost and technically aren't able to use the full strengths of either console which SHOULD allow them to let their hair down on PC but, apparently has led to them not even pushing it there. That's the issues with multi plat development today, imo, and it does prevent all of them being everything they could havce been.

That isn't to say they're not great-some multis are amazing games that look good, run well and play well on all their platforms(Dead Space, Mirror's Edge and many others)but last gen the huge gap in sales allowed them to push the Xbox harder than they currently push either the PS3 or 360 and it's a bit of a shame. That's all. They've ended up limited by two sets of weaknesses rather than using two sets of individual strengths and some of that lack of ambition(technically, I suppose I mean) has even spread to the PC versions of a lot of them. It's not world shattering difference but it does take the fine edge off some multis imho as it means most of them cannot hope to shine visually when compared to the better exclusives on either console.

maniacmayhem2865d ago

Your comment made no sense. Why are multiplats dumbed down and why do you have the intor ro AC3 up?

If a game is developed for multiplat then when does it get a chance to be dumbed downed?

Maddens Raiders2865d ago

you should read my comment again and you will find it makes perfect sense. You ask why are multi-plats dumbed down? Well maniac this question in itself begs to re-litigate and re-hash the core of the HD console wars and "comparison" sites/articles for the past 5 years.

Sadly, I have neither the patience or time to dive into all of that again, but if you PM me I will be glad to shed as much light on this as I can as I get to it. For brevity's sake I will simply ask you which you would rather play: A SNE 1st party title or a multi-plat title. I know that this may be a matter of opinion to some, but is an absolute "no-brainer" for me.

The reason I embedded the nostalgic Electrosphere vid was b/c it was one of my fav's from the PS days before the series hit the PS2 with even more fabulous games.

All in all I believe the series should've remained as a PS exclusive series instead of trying to force itself on a different audience & being something it's not imho, but CEO's will do anything to try and increase profits, the results be damned.

maniacmayhem2865d ago

For me I would play any game that appeals to me, multi or not. You see HD graphics while they look nice do not make for better gameplay.
Wii has proven that with many titles that offer the same gameplay and fun that other HD titles have had.

For example one of the best games i played last year was Batman:AA a multiplat and i played it for PS3 another is Bayonetta which i thought was fantastic and i played it for Xbox.

It may be your personal preference to play console exclusives games only but i think a game switching platforms does nothing to change a developers direction.

Why should a game like Ace Combat stay exclusive? Should Final Fantasy stayed exclusive to Nintendo? How about Mass Effect should it have stayed exclusive to Xbox?

I thought AC for the 360 was bad ass and not once did i think "this shouldve stayed with Sony".

I guess what i'm trying to say is there's no real advantage as to why Ace Combat should be a Sony exclusive unless you're a super graphics whore and that's all you care about.

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