Halo: Reach co-op hard drive requirement unresolved, no ETA on fix

Joystiq writes: "Following the launch of Halo: Reach, we reported that the game's co-op functionality requires an Xbox 360 hard drive. This was of particular concern to those who had purchased one of the newly released 4GB Xbox 360 S models. At the time, we were told that the issue was "temporary" and that Microsoft was "working to resolve it."

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CryWolf2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

this doesn't surprise me cause there other games on the 360 that also needs a hard Drive to even play them other wise you'll see this messages on the screen.

This disc is unreadable

1.Clean the disc with a soft cloth
2.Restart the console.

For more help visit

Maddens Raiders2897d ago ShowReplies(1)
Kon2897d ago

This is because if you use pirate disc, the AP25 will block the game and you won't be able to play. I play games w/o installing on the HD normally.

radphil2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

But he's talking about legally owning a game, and not being able to play it w/o a HD.

Really, it's more of a way for them to get an extra ~$120 out of you to cough up for a HD.

The better question, is why did they bother releasing a 4GB system that's flash memory, and NOT a HD, if they make it so that you have to have a HD to play some of the recent games coming out to begin with?

AuToFiRE2897d ago

its all a conspiracy by Microsoft to make more money

Pixel_Enemy2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I traded my copy of Reach in, patiently waiting for Killzone 3

AuToFiRE2897d ago

same here brother. how can you trust hardware from a company that charges $300 for an OS and cant even make the software properly without thinking there is some sort of scam behind it

Pixel_Enemy2897d ago

I don't really have a problem with MS or my xbox.. I just didn't really like Reach much. I am more of a KZ graphic whore

egidem2897d ago

I traded my copy as well. For some weird reason, I think that buying Halo reach was a bad purchase. This is my opinion about myself. I think I'll wait for the awesome Killzone 3.

Ryudo2897d ago

.... Where you guys born retarded or is it a condition caused by continually licking a Playstation 3?

ambientFLIER2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

"I think that buying Halo reach was a bad purchase. This is my opinion about myself. I think I'll wait for the awesome Killzone 3."

I would pay good money to see your face if for some reason KZ3 doesn't end up being quite as "awesome" as you expect it to.

Next post: "I think that buying KZ3 was a bad purchase..."

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jay22897d ago

Lol, oh God serouly! thats so stupid.