3DS Blow out! A handheld preview & price points

Official overseas correspondent ReiPuerto from discusses the 3DS games and system price points. Rei also gives a quick over view for some of the coolest games coming to the Nintendo 3DS. [pictures and videos]

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Prcko2891d ago

no thx,2 expensive for me,gonna w8 for psp2!

catguykyou2891d ago

You don't think the PSP2 will be just as much?

darthv722891d ago

it has twin 266mhz cpu's and a 133mhz gpu. 4mb vram and only 64mb system ram. Funny how I say "only" when I didnt even realize the dsi had 16mb and a 133mhz cpu.

Impressive how they can do so much with so little.

jaosobno2891d ago

It will probably be the same price. However, it will also be 20x the power&game quality.

3DS isn't even out and its hardware is already outdated (most cell phones blow it out of water).

But that's the Nintendo way this gen. Low tech & shovelware.

So sad to see that, once respected creator of legendary consoles, stooped to such low level and flooded the gaming market with crap calling it "family entertainment".

This will be NDS all over again. Great games in the beginning and after that prepare for million versions of Cooking Mama and similar crap.

wingman32x2891d ago

I highly doubt the PSP2 launches for under $250. If it's so far ahead of the 3DS like everybody here claims, then you'll have to pay for it.

Daishi2890d ago

While I doubt it will be cheaper just remember the 4th Gen Ipod has better specs than the 3DS and starts at $230. The price of the hardware doesn't hurt anywhere near as much than if the games run $50 or even $60, I hate paying $35 for a DS game so $50 is almost out of the question.

wingman32x2890d ago

The 3DS games likely aren't going to be $50. The article did a direct conversion, which isn't how things are priced in the US.

I get your point, though. But Sony is usually on the expensive end of things.

fatstarr2890d ago

sonys specs for the psp2 blow the new dual core lg android phone out the water... so yea if this is too expensive for you you obviously never heard of Sony.

aviator1892891d ago

will probably be too expensive for me as well.
oh well, i'll just wait for a lite edition to come out later. i'm in no rush.

ApexHell2891d ago

reminds me of the atomic purple gameboy color for some reason i had back in the day.

kesvalk2891d ago

i will only buy one when they launch it in red/black color, like the DSlite.

DarkBlood2891d ago

if they release purple one instead of the red one like i originally wanted over to here in canada and united states i'll get the purple one after all its my months color

Stealth20k2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

In japan games are always that expensive. DS games can be sold for as high as 70-90 us Dollars

And its nice to see this battery nonsense put to rest. 3-4 was max settings afterall

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The story is too old to be commented.