Rumor: Final Fantasy Melody XIII for PS3 to be revealed at TGS 2007

A Korean site claims that a new FF game entitled "Final Fantasy Melody XIII" will be announced for PS3 at TGS 2007.

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Meus Renaissance4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

Then it puts the idea of a FF7 remake being announced at TGS into the bin as FF13 & Versus are already in development and keeping them busy. For a 4th FF title to be put into the mix is lunacy.

ddldave4081d ago

they meant the melody as in the song, possibly the theme song of ff13 will be shown. not another ff game, some people are misunderstood.

CaptainMeatwad4081d ago

Yeah, that would make much more sense, Square would be crazy to work on another full-scale FF project right now, and I'm guessing they may start working on that FF7 remake until after 13 (and/or versus 13) are done so that would still be keeping them on a very tight schedule for a long time to come.

It would be awesome if it did turn out to be a full-scale FF13 game, but if its not, it should still be cool since the music from that FF Versus 13 trailer was just amazing and I'm looking forward to hearing more from the soundtrack.

Observer4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

... a Final Fantasy rhythm game ?

xaphanze4081d ago

we cant FF 7 remake!! Is it so hard to understand square enix? is it? why dont u dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee

ChibiSelz4081d ago

wtf O_o another ff <3
sweet loving it

fopums4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

a rythm game? there certainly is enough final fantasy music to make some sort of game out of it.....

[email protected]

how is that one bubble treating ya?

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The story is too old to be commented.