Mass Effect 2 PS3 Hits PSN and Blu-ray on January 18th, More Than a Simple Port

Mass Effect 2 takes place after Mass Effect 1 and some fans were concerned they would miss out on some of the important story choices available in the first game. The Mass Effect team, working with the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics, has created an interactive in-game comic that allows players new to the franchise to experience Mass Effect 1 while making the story choices that have repercussions in Mass Effect 2.

There is a demo of Mass Effect now available on the PlayStation Network. You can learn more about the demo here. This demo lets you play the start of Mass Effect 2 as well as introducing you to one of your potential party members, Dr Mordin Solus. Dr Solus, or Mordin to his friends, is a salarian scientist who can not only heal the sick; he can create new exotic weapons to use in battle. Finding Mordin and recruiting him to join you and your suicide mission will not be easy.

Look for Mass Effect 3 to come to the PS3 in Holiday 2011.

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Chris3992895d ago

my disc-drive is full with DCUO for the foreseeable future, and a digital version has a delightful convenience to it! Throw in a PS+ discount and I'll probably impulse buy it for sure.

Let's get more day and date retail games on the PSN please.

Lifendz2895d ago

You guys are going to love it. I played ME1 & 2 over the winter break and if you loved KOTR you're going to love this as well. Surprised so many of you are getting the digital version (guess I'm in the minority of people that buy the retail copy so I can sell it later).

Balt 2895d ago

PSN download for me. This changes everything. I wasn't going to get it disc based, but now I probably will just because it's easier and more convenient. I sure wish Sony would allow us to install all our games to the drive and play from there. Would be nice.

Theonik2895d ago

It will probably be mandatory next gen. Piracy and killing the used markets and all.

Kewl_Kat2895d ago

Hackers' freedom of speech and sanction gaming?

ActionBastard2895d ago

I'm not waiting to pull 12GB down, that'll be the DCUO download nightmare all over again. Plus, if I ever wanted to trade it in or loan it out, I can.

thebudgetgamer2895d ago

good news for me since i have a burnt out laser.

despair2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

no laser means he cannot read bluray disks, so only psn games and thus ME2 on PSN means he can play it.

edit; sucks man, you should look into getting it replaced, maybe from a cheap used one or get someone with a broken PS3 but good laser and replace it...of course you have to know what you're doing. I'm guessing the cost of a new laser is pretty high by itself.

thebudgetgamer2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

this ^^

it crashed playin beatles rock band.
i also have the option to buy the 360 version.

despair: i found one on amazon for sixty bucks, but i have to wait for some financial stuff too clear up.

red: yea i've seen em, thanks.

redDevil872895d ago

Replacing the laser is pretty easy. It only costs £20 for one on ebay and there are youtube vids on hoe to do it.

MmaFanQc2895d ago

go on divineo and buy a replacement part.

vickers5002895d ago

Don't try to replace it yourself, you could damage your ps3. Go to the electronics spa on ebay (they're a top rated seller), they only charge 65 bucks to replace the laser for you (you have to pay shipping though).

I sent mine there and it's been fixed and I'm currently waiting for it to come back.

outwar60102895d ago

daaaaamn soz bro i've alll kinds of problems and the most painful of those ordeals was losing the game save data good luck

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outwar60102895d ago

the in game comic can't be that comprehensive i remember when i played me 1 and was shocked by the amount of choices being carried over and the hints of choices to take part in me 3. Bioware just release mass effect one on ps3 but call it mass effect something like sigma edition ;)

visualb2895d ago

see it this way:

if you played ME1 you'll notice how scarce it is

if you haven't you won't,

most people getting this game probably havent, and since ignorance is bliss, voila.

+ the comic is 15 mins long...thats pretty hefty. Dark Horse comics too = awesome

im not complaining, but i've played ME1

Kon2895d ago

ME1 was published by MS, so no chance

siyrobbo2895d ago

PC port was published by EA though

UNCyrus2895d ago

Right, but that was something that MS has to sign off on.

ME19892895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

There's only 6 choices in the interactive comic, which sucks because there was a shit ton of stuff to do in ME1.


Those are the major decisions made in ME1, which I won't spoil here. But there are TONS more smaller things that you do in ME1 that show up in ME2, sadly they're not in the comic. On top of that, Greg Zeschuk said there are things you do in ME1 that you won't see results for in ME2, but you'll see them in ME3.

A lot of the major choices that you made in ME1 are going to show up in ME3, not right away in ME2. Bioware said that before. And if you've played both games through and through, you can see what they mean. Come join us at the Bioware forums, we're all pretty sure where ME3 is going.

sjaakiejj2895d ago

Though that sounds about right when considering the choices that are imported into Mass Effect 2 when importing your Mass Effect 1 savegame. I believe there's 6 or 7 of them.

despair2895d ago

small things from ME1 transfered over to ME2 but to me they came about in messages or a single conversation with someone, it was a bit underwhelming to be honest.

The bigger choices, like the ones in the comic I'm guessing, were also of zero impact to the gameplay or even story, just a few cosmetic changes and some different conversations or people met. But it all lead down the same path and the same enemies with the same outcomes.

That was my second biggest problem with ME2, the choices from the first game did not impact gameplay one bit.

outwar60102895d ago

lol im aware i made what i had a feeling was going to be a massive choice and when i played part 2 it was like an epic feeling
it was letting the rachni queen live and now shes going to help my character against the reaper. THATS WHATS UP !!!!!

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