Rockstar Games aiming for the PSP2? writs: Over many years fans have cried that Rockstar Games never came out with San Andreas Stories for the PlayStation Portable, so will we be seeing San Andreas Stories this fall or will Rockstar Games come with a brand new mind blowing game?

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Mac is OK2895d ago

Sadly this article is only speculation by the writer, no real info indicating Rockstar is doing anything for the PSP2.

TheLastGuardian2895d ago

I really hope Rockstar will make GTA: San Andreas Stories now that they have a portable that the whole state will fit on.

ilikestuff2895d ago

hell yes! san andreas stories would be super badass dope wicked cool mafucking boss hoss! wow, after reading that back i feel like and idiot

jony_dols2895d ago

There is a high chance that the PSP2 will be capable of emulating PS2 games, if that's the case then you'll be to buy San Andreas off PSN.

TheLastGuardian2895d ago

If I want to play San Andreas, I'll play it on my PS2. I want a new side story set in San Andreas on PSP2 just like Liberty and Vice City got on PSP1. Just imagine having that huge state in your pocket. That would be the best portable game ever.

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MaxOpower2895d ago

No no It's not even speculation, it's a question: "So my question is (of course!) will Rockstar Games be getting themselves ready for the PlayStation Portable 2?"

Nothing more. Come on!

tehpees32895d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if this happened though. Sony are aiming for a huge lineup and GTA, FF and MGS are probably at the top.

San Andreas stories would be one of the finest handheld games ever if it happened.

Prcko2895d ago

i gonna buy psp2 day 1!!!

jony_dols2895d ago

Me too. I rem I imported the original PSP in from Hong Kong at Xmas '04, and I had it 7 months before it was launched in my region.

I was the ultimate shit!

LunaticBrandon2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

SAN ANDREAS STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd buy a PSP2 day one.

hot1112895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

If Sony moneyhats them,yes..otherwise slim chance.Hopefully they do it,I like GTA games,bought PSP just to play them.

Article is shit,btw

Ratchet5102895d ago

GTASA again dam give that game a break bring out a new GTA like GTA BAY AREA and have oakland the last city since it is the craziest city in cali.

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