The Perfect PSP2 Launch Line-Up

The internet has whipped itself up into frothy frenzy today, with all the major news sources reporting that genuine details of the PSP2 are only days away.'s been suffering from a serious bout of hype fever, debating what it would most like to see released with the console in a perfect world.

For the record, is writing these under the assumption that the current rumours are to be believed: ridiculously high hardware specifications, a beautiful screen and two analogue sticks.

We'll just have to wait a while to see if that turns out to be the case.

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pedrami912893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Call of Duty - doubt that would happen, maybe an original FPS ?

FIFA 12 - Will happen

Assassin's Creed - Maybe, maybe not


Dead Space -

Monster Hunter - Will most likely happen.....unless Cap hates money.

Batman - No, it should stick to the consoles.

LittleBigPlanet - Maybe a LBP2 port ?

SOCOM - Will probably happen.

WipEout - Will happen, Must happen 11!!!

LocoRoco - Could happen.

Sony really needs some original IP's for the PSP2, preferably some from Konami, Square Enix, Level know, kinda like the lineup the 3DS has.

Netherealm is probably working on a port for their newest MK fighting game, EA is probably making a Sport/Fantasy/adventure game, Square may be working on an action RPG.

My wishes for PSP2 developer support:

Vanillaware(i hear they're teasin' a new game), Square Enix, Level 5, Konami, Namco (please give us a proper Tales of mothership title !) Capcom, Omega force, Koei, Sony Bend, Team NINJA, Atlus, Arc System Works, Banpresto, Sega and NIS.

Myst2893d ago

Oh yeah Monster Hunter is a good possibility despite them stating that Tri would be the last iteration in the series. At least I remember them stating that then again Portable 3rd came out. So I could definitely see them continuing it on the PSP2 with some of the monsters from Frontier possibly thrown in.

ksense2893d ago

a new uncharted game would make me buy psp2. I would love a new mgs game with snake.

tehpees32893d ago

I would want Uncharted to be there. Either way that would be a great lineup.

Wipeout, Socom, LBP, Monster Hunter and COD > Nintendogs.

rrw2893d ago

COD can be good test bed for multiplayer along fifa.

in fact probably future multi platform game will be in psp2 consistently and comparable to ps3 and xbox version counterpart.

I prefer GT5 port instead Ridge Racer

Blacktric2893d ago

I want a true western RPG for the system as a launch title. Years ago, Bethesda was supposedly developing an Oblivion port for the PSP. Maybe (and hopefully) they'll bring it to the PSP2.

pain777pas2893d ago

720P HDMI output to a television day one. I know this is just not what some may want but seriously... If the PSP2 is powerful and I can take it anywhere with PSN connectivity to play games online then I will seriously consider whether this would be a good choice. I suspect that Capcom did not put SSF4 on the PSP because of the PSP2 so I hope that they are working on that game aswell for the launch. RR is a guarantee and I hope it is the best one just like the PSP version to me is. I have a feeling though that RR3DS will be one of the best versions yet or the best. I just hope that they would let you sit and play games on the big screen aswell if you so choose I played Crisis core and RR on the big screen and used zoom but I do not like losing the aspect ratio when I use the zoom feature on my tele.

lil Titan2893d ago

What would be nice is if PSP2 games have trophies that syncs with your PS3 broken to the supposed PSP2 line up

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Kran2893d ago

i know people would so disagree with me, but i would actually like trophy PSP games to link with your PSN account via wi-fi. You can get your trophies online or offline, but when you go online, you can connect your PS3 to your PSP (like the regular PSP) and all your trophies woukd be updated.

Hey, put it this way, if it does, ill buy it, which means a sale for Sony. :P

silkrevolver2893d ago

...who would possibly disagree with that?

Kran2893d ago

those who find trophies and achievements a waste of time :(

lil Titan2893d ago

Guess great minds think alike

Goeres2893d ago

A great Final Fantasy (loved Crisis Core)

StbI9902892d ago

lol, somethings tells me FFvii remake will be on psp2 xD

tdogg060519912893d ago

I think Sony is delaying the announcement of the PSP because the keys were put out there an they want a new way to protect from piracy.

divideby02893d ago

All sony is going to do is announce the PSP2... I bet they dont give any details.... Has anything official been stated besides they are gonna announce the PSP2 ?
I bet E3 is gonna be the comming out PSP2 party with launch, price...

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