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Aim Bot Hack Hits Call of Duty Black Ops (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)

Aim Bots have been the curse of previous Call of Duty title's in the past and now it has arrived on Call of Duty Black Ops, the hack in operation can be seen in the video below. The maker of the video also claims that the hack is undetectable if the hackers use a 'Stealth patch', making it harder for users of the hack to be banned.

Please note that Gamer4Eva does not encourage hacking in any way, we are only showing this video to make gamers aware of what is happening. (Call of Duty: Black Ops, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update The video has been removed check out http://www.youtube.com/watc... , see it before its removed.

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Pillage05  +   1780d ago
You would think that the theater mode in blops would make finding and banning these people quite a bit easier.
danmachine  +   1780d ago
Have played quite a few players with aim bot on recently, you can tell if you stay with them long enough, it sucks. Gamers who hack games do so because they have a lack of skill and its there only means to win ,sad really.
Commander_TK  +   1780d ago
This will actually help for taking out camping little bitches and cowards that shoot you in the back.
Pillage05  +   1780d ago
@commander if you have to resort to hacking to a win a n online video game....then you just suck and should get a new hobby. No reason legitimate consumers should have to pay the price for this. Playing with people who hack just isn't fun...at all.
young juice  +   1780d ago
only thing thats keepin me from going trollin the vid is the freddy vs jason song and that powerman 5000 did the best smackdown vs raw soundrack .

gonna go get owned in css. cus i been gamin on console all my life.
BattleAxe  +   1780d ago
Any idea if CoD4 and WaW for PS3 are affected?
Hydrolex  +   1780d ago
yes, I used to hack Counter Strike when I was a child noob and I was addicted to hacking it :0 ! But at the end I got bored cuz I wasnt using any skills... lol
fail0verflow  +   1780d ago
Kurt Russell  +   1779d ago
Rob Zombie
HappyGaming  +   1779d ago

Don't turn your back on enemies than what you want them to wait till you turn around and have a cowboy shoot out?

Fucking idiot.
KillerBBs  +   1777d ago
Crappy title get worst...
that what all the blogs basically state. There is never good news for this title.

All my friends played this game and now no one does. They all hate it for the same reason and Treyarch acts like complete idiots whens address things that will not make the online experience any better. Treyarch design a game that didn't work correctly in all formats... end of story. they suck.

This game is horrible! This and Gears are the only two games were you can shoot someone in the back and they can turn around and kill you first. This title is broken... having a jump on someone means nothing!
DingDangDoo  +   1780d ago
This is on PC. Isnt there usually aimbots for EVERY shooter on PC.

Nothing new.
davidmccue  +   1780d ago
The video showing it in action is on the PC, but its also for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 according to the you tube description.
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HSx9  +   1780d ago
wow, you are very easily miss guided... This is ONLY for PC. PS3 and Xbox hackers are still trying to figure out how to hack this game, they are only saying it's for Xbox and PS3 because they want to sell their aimbot program... This is only for PC!
Ducky  +   1780d ago
Sometimes there's things far worse than a simple aimbot.

Thankfully, dedicated servers pretty much fix the problem as long as it is well-maintained.

Related video
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evrfighter  +   1779d ago
best part is while a single hack can destroy the online play of consoles. A well admin'd pc server will always be hack free.
frostypants  +   1779d ago
If you use Punkbuster, maybe. But I'd rather deal with the cheats than deal with that POS on my computer.
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jdktech2010  +   1780d ago
If I play against a hacker on 360 enough times (like 2 or 3) I'll trade the game in at that point

It's up to Treyarch to fix this or I'll just trade it in (know they won't care but they said they would be on hackers all the time and I hate playing against cheaters seeing as how it's not fun anymore)
MintBerryCrunch  +   1780d ago
there must be a reason why its so easy to do this with basically every CoD game...devs dont care enough to change up the programming and hackers take advantage of their laziness since it continues to sell, so why bother fixing something that is broke when it works?

weird question, but nonetheless it does work
Saryk  +   1780d ago
Why? Why in the hell do people make this kind of crap? Unskilled freaking CUN^S....................
ThanatosDMC  +   1780d ago
Noob that got frustrated that he couldnt get kills. I hate loser that cheat or teamkill because they cant aim properly. Sad since it all ready has auto aim.
Sony360  +   1779d ago
Especially seeing as COD games these days pretty much do the aiming for you.
Sh0ckWav3  +   1780d ago
nothing better then saying you suck...
Dante112  +   1780d ago
This is why I don't like hackers. Ruins online gaming for all platforms, hurts legit gamers.
WithMyLastBreath  +   1780d ago
wow, not sure why people would do this, it doesn't look fun at all.
Darth_Bane79  +   1780d ago
Now I wanna hear all those people that go and praise hackers.. This douche-bags got nothing better to do than ruin stuff and make it harder and more expensive for us gamers, because if the gaming industry has to waste more money to fight those pricks, then that money is either coming out of our pockets, or used on that instead of into developing better games or better features..
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ThanatosDMC  +   1780d ago
Yeah, where's all those failoverflow accounts, balt, and whoever.
darksied  +   1780d ago
This is a great comment, and is completely true. Dumb people, for some ungodly reason, praise hackers. The idea that "oh, hackers are going to bring us lots of stuff!" or "homebrew!", or "hackers will bring us back our long lost Linux", etc. all of those are pure bull****. THIS is a metaphor for what hacking gets you, in a nutshell, for ANYTHING. It ruins something that you paid for, and that people worked hard on.

I'm not blaming Black Ops or praising it, because it does have a lot of bugs, ... but is this what all you hacker-lovers want? Hacks like this that ruin a game or a game system? If this hack is available on ps3 and 360 already, which the description says it is, that's terrible. How many people will quit playing because they come across a loser like this guy in the video more than once? You seriously want those guys to fully hack the ps3 so that piracy is rampant? You hate sony that much that you are willing to let the ps3 and the developers go under so you can get a game for free, when you probably shouldn't even be playing if you can't afford it? And worst of all, you actually believe hackers are interested in so called homebrew? If you seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY, want homebrew, play it on your pc where it's probably better anyway (emulators and such).

Sorry for the rant, but boy does it, and do people, piss me off.
Ducky  +   1780d ago
That's because there's more than one definition.

A 'hacker' can mean:
- Someone who likes to tinker with technology and heavily modifies the software and/or hardware that they own.
- Someone who breaks into a system and manipulates the contents in order to be a douche.
- Someone who plays golf poorly

You can't use one blanket statement and hate "hackers". That's like saying you hate anyone who's ever fired a gun because your dog got shot by a burglar.
There's no inherent good or bad in hacking; it all depends on the intentions behind the act.

There are hackers that attempt to do damage (which are probably the ones you hate) and there are others which actually come up with novel ideas (such as Wii/Kinect hacks).
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Shmotz  +   1780d ago
Do your part and report the players. If people report a person enough times Treyarch WILL ban them. Simple as that.
DaBadGuy  +   1780d ago
I hate this. There's no way of knowing if people hack unless you study videos and crap. I would never know what to look for even if someone was hacking and using an aimbot against me. I wish there was a way to make games completely unhackable.

I don't know like if anyone tried to rewrite code on the disc or insert a foreign program, just corrupt the disc or brick their damn console. It may not be that simple, but if people want to keep hacking stuff, just put a goddamn killswitch in everything.

Sure now there are ways to get around it like getting the console to recgonize stuff as a PSN game, but then do something like give each and every single game and piece of downloadable content a unique code. Again, I know nothing about hacking and writing code so it may not be that simple, but something has to be done.
HappyGaming  +   1779d ago
Kill switch?
Hackers would just hack the kill switch first than.
Also how could you corrupt the disk in a PC where people buy their own DVD readers??
MUHAHAHAHAAHAHA  +   1780d ago
this guy must have such a great life :D
heylo  +   1780d ago
don't need that, I have a Wacom Cintiq 21UX, a 21" pen-touchscreen. Just touch the enemy with the stylus and boooooooooom headshot ☺
gcolley  +   1779d ago
yeah real hard. why bother? i despise people like you, people who play with an unfair advantage and then justify it
PhantomT1412  +   1780d ago
I wonder how this "stealth patch" works... I once encountered an aimbotter (well, it's not like he was discreet), checked on the theater mode and reported it. I hope this still works because it was one of the greatest addition to CoD Treyarch made.
Darth_Bane79  +   1779d ago
damn that pic of yours is quite scary.. lol
PhantomT1412  +   1770d ago
It's from AC II^^
tsunami901  +   1780d ago
Record and report! Don't whine about it.
xstation79  +   1780d ago
This is just one of those things that if you play online, your going to run into. Some developers are better at dealing with this than others.
Triggs  +   1780d ago
Some blatantly use aimbots and never hide it because they like spoiling other people's fun - usually when one just headshots everybody every half second, the server will clear out very quickly. Other than that, it helps boost their stats.

For those who lack skill, they choose Wallhacks and No Recoil.

The other night I replayed a clip of a suspicious player in Black Ops and I saw him fire on a water tank in Radiation where two of my teammates were behind. Even with .2x slow motion, there was no way any of their body parts were visible. Also last week, I watched a killcam where I was behind a hut - the hack tracked the "You" icon while I sidestepped, and before I would appear at the corner, the hack prefired. And both of these bozos had the nerve to declare "good game" at the end of the round as if they were legit.

I have no respect towards these imbiciles.
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Pillage05  +   1780d ago
Those things COULD have been caused by latency. The autoaim in cod games can sometimes kick in behind walls and what not. Try jus aiming right at a corner sometime until an enemy comes around it. The autoaim will move before the actual skin shows from around the corner. people shouldn't get reported just because of one or two lucky shots. Unless you were on pc i guess there shouldn't be any auto-aim that i'm aware of.

edit:sorry ahead of time if i am mistaking what you're trying to say.
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No Way  +   1779d ago
@Pillage05 -
I agree with you on the auto aim behind walls..
It's quite ridiculous, but I hafta admit it helped me once.

As to what Pillage05 said, the map I did that in was Jungle.
You know the bottom spawn, away from the ruins.
When you run up to the burning village, there is a wood wall.
Well, there are some barrels or boxes around the corner.
I simply sat there aimed at the wall, and my aim would 'catch on.'
Did so even before I seen them in view. A few steps ahead, as well.
I coulda possibly shot threw the wall, but waited till showed..
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Dante112  +   1780d ago
I guess it's only private rooms with friends on online multiplayer games for me for now on.
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thebudgetgamer  +   1780d ago
broken game is broken, regardles of platform.
TeCh77  +   1780d ago
People who use this should be curbstomped, then shot in the spine, left to be paralyzed for the rest of their lives while pondering why they ruined the fun for legit players.
Pillage05  +   1780d ago
while that seems a bit over-dramatic....i wouldn't be opposed :P
redsquad  +   1780d ago
"Yay: I cheat at games, ergo I'm sooooo cool"

Seriously, I boggle at their sad lives and am at a loss to comprehend their motivations.
Belasco  +   1780d ago
Even less reason for me to play.
Psychotica  +   1780d ago
It's why I was glad to see offline bots would be available for this game. I knew the game would be screwed up eventually.
Xfanboy  +   1780d ago
aim assist?? ugh!!
NeloAnjelo  +   1779d ago
"This video is not accessible due to a copyright claim by Activision"... LOL

So wait.. Auto Aim is not enough? I HATE auto aim!

Another day, another COD Hack, Next week another glitch, and everyday another wall you can hide in.
ZILLA  +   1779d ago
CoD noobs stiil havent learned there lesson!!
if a FPS game comes out without a beta for testing first you DONT buy it!BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY has ran a beta for both 1 and 2 and it runs smooth as silk(period)
NeloAnjelo  +   1779d ago
Bubbles for you my Friend! See you on the Battlefield.

Also with a one year Dev Time, they can't even have a beta!
bloodcell  +   1779d ago
Its like this now on mw2 real bad. I don't even understand what's fun about it anyways. So bothersome.

If activision doesn't fix all this within 3 weeks I'm going to be pressed
PSWarlord  +   1779d ago
This is a sad day for gaming :(
Soldierone  +   1779d ago
Activision knows their game is broken so they take down any and all footage of it showing its broken. pretty stupid, how about you spend that time and money into...i dont know.....fixing the game?
bloodcell  +   1774d ago
with the way activision are ignoring the mw2 hacks i have to say i hope bops get hacked to bits & pieces.

unless of course they fix my infinity ward game.

yes, i despise treyarch, was going to sell this this week until i saw those new maps(ill admit it)
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