UT 3 map named, winner will be listed in the credits; new concept art

Epic Games appealed to the community for a great name for a CTF map. From sixty names the developer team picked their top five:

CTF-Icarus (been used before, but such a good fit)

Finally they have chosen CTF-OmicronDawn, the name that were suggested by keyrat, who will be listed in the Unreal Tournament 3 credits.

The first three images below are from CTF-OmicronDawn, the fourth image is a concept art featuring DM-Sanctuary.

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Blackmoses3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Once again....this game will be the best as far as visuals and gameplay. I know, I know all about COD4 but what I've seen thus far, UT3 will take the cake. The enviroment in which you play in are simply jaw dropping. As far as COD4 it will still get my money but when it comes down to my most played list, it will be UT3 hands down....

xc7x3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

COD4 looks hot but UT3 is the best of the best visually

forgot to add,i don't like the name of the map though,too generic

Charlie26883685d ago

I would have LOVED to see the winner or runner-up like CTF-GenericNamedMap