New Devil May Cry 4 Screens

A batch of Devil May Cry 4 screens were released used to promote its presence at the Tokyo Game Show.

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ghost3053843d ago


I dot care about DMC4: what's DMC without Dante? its the typical japanese plot when they are out of ideas: main character look a like, with same style( Gun + sword) and he also has devil Trigger. not interested.

akaFullMetal3843d ago

yea kinda funny, how they replace dante with someone who is exactly like him, kinda like a mgs2 thing with snake and raiden, i think because it has gone multi, that alot of ps3 fans kinda feel betrayed, i mean before you would see this article meet a 1000, now it barely gets anything? well it probably going to be good, but i dont think many xbox fans are going to buy this, but i could be wrong, but have fun with it

slak3843d ago

f*ck DMC4 Too Human is what i want 2 play

DrPirate3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Double post - Dearly sorry.

DrPirate3843d ago

By bringing it multiplatform, they broadened their audience, but killed the hype for the console it was supposed to be exclusive for.

I'm still excited for it, I just don't want to hear about the quality of the gaming taking a hit because they had to seperate the team to make it work for two consoles, rather then attacking the problems on one first, and spending the proper time to port it later.

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The story is too old to be commented.