NASCAR 2011 Delayed

Activision and developer Eutechnyx are starting from the ground up with NASCAR The Game 2011, but the pair's first foray into the sport has been taken back to the garage.

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Joni-Ice2891d ago

They may be adding some of GT5 features in to game.

thebudgetgamer2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

i hope it turns out good. i haven't owned a nascar game since dirt to daytona.

edit: also we now have games with 256 players, why cant we get a nascar game with a full field of online players.

outlawlife2891d ago

games with 256 players have dedicated servers, which cost a lot to maintain

if this game were gigantic the profit may outweigh the cost, but being a niche market the overhead is way too much

lovedaddy2891d ago

and with dedicated servers, there is always the potential for the publisher to switch off the servers - least this way you can keep playing after the next version arrives.

Too_many_games2891d ago

damn..have this pre ordered....

Too_many_games2891d ago

Not being sarcastic...i really do

SolidStoner2891d ago

haha, they just played GT5!

Kon2891d ago

Comparing a Nascar game with the GT5 nascar mode is lol.

Too_many_games2891d ago

About sick of playing NASCAR 09

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