Where Wii goin'?

GamerNode's Eddie Inzauto says, "I believe in the Wii. I have faith in the console, its technology, and the styles of play that are possible with the tools available to the gamer. There is so much potential in that little white box that has yet to be tapped into."

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Ri0tSquad3722d ago

I don't even play mine im selling it. Guess its not my cup of tea.

Rooftrellen3720d ago

What kind of game do you like that's not comming to the Wii?

Racing, platform, sports, shooting, RPG, fighting, basicly every genre of game ever made, and a few that haven't been made yet, are comming to the Wii within a year.

The 360 and PS3 are the consoles less likely to be someone's cup of tea. One has mostly shooters, and the other has a lot of extras that make it too expensive if you don't need them.

neogeo3722d ago

$250 used is my offer VIA paypal.
live up to your words?

Kaneda3722d ago

Two of my friends had it... They dont even turn it on anymore...

3722d ago
ReBurn3722d ago

I didn't play many Wii games until the release of Metroid Prime 3. That game is so good! It seamless combines shooting, action and platforming into a really satisfying gaming experience. And the sounds and music give a nod to the original Metroid from the NES days. It is a great game that anyone with a Wii should try.

If Nintendo can make a game this good for the Wii I'm excited to see what they do with Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy.

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