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Modern Warfare 2 hacked to shreds on PS3

Hackers have brought the menus from challenge lobbies over into public matches as Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer gets destroyed on PlayStation 3. (PS3)

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Motorola  +   1690d ago
I found it hilarious till I saw the options in that menu through a killcam, it included: Freezing the PS3s of the opposite team and unranking them back to level one. Thats a little mean.
Iamback  +   1690d ago
Okey let's her those that are pro hacking how this is cool and all that.
What a bunch of no life losers.
Worst example is that freak failoverwhatever. Guy has nothing to do with failover team aka hackers but has that name. What a loser. Typical 13 yo that thinks he is cool if he has some cool username or some message on his T shirt that covers his skinny body.
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deadreckoning666  +   1690d ago
I think its more of a problem with Modern Warfare 2 than it is with hacking in general. Its more prone to glitches and hacks than any other PS3 game I've ever played.
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Acquiescence  +   1690d ago | Well said
Exactly lamback...
I'd like to see anyone who supports the likes of geohat and failover watch this vid and still advocate the "art" of hacking. This is what it instantly leads to: cheating, soon to be on a mass scale.

Sony have every right to file a lawsuit. Every right.
SnakeMustDie  +   1690d ago
Wasn't failoverflow supposed to keep the key confidential because they planned to use it to bring back Linux but GeoHot released the keys to the public because he is such an attention whore?
FailOverHero  +   1690d ago
I think guns are cool. Do I think it is cool when they are used to kill innocent people? Of course not. I think hacks are cool when they bring about great homebrew, some people use them to cheat and pirate and I do not think that is cool but I'm not gonna suddenly think all hacks are bad lol. That was very childish by the way
fail0verflow  +   1690d ago
this sucks

why ruin a game for others? of course they can leave, but how about you meat with other cheaters and then play?

do it private, otherwise you're a certified asshole
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pangitkqb  +   1690d ago
It's one thing to bend the rules/physics of a private game filled with friends, all aware of the new rules. It's an entirley other (and ugly) thing to use hacks to ruin the fun of strangers. They paid money to play the game and you are ruining it for them.

Why would you do that?
Dysmorphic  +   1690d ago
It'd be quite awesome if developers themselves added similar options and effects into private matches and such. At the very least it would instil some more variety. This also reminds me of the zany GTA cheats you could input. I wish more games would implement codes in such a way. Saint's Row 2 is the closest I've played to matching that brilliance; kinda makes you sad.
MerkinMax  +   1690d ago
I literally just bought the Modern Warfare Collection for my PS3
And I am playing and I run into this. One of the games left a picture of marijuana across my screen and reset my killstreaks and classes. I had to reset my console and then redo all my classes. Sony should ban the living hell out of these people. I don't mind private modding but the second you affect my game and console that I payed money for there is a big fucking problem.
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Commander_TK  +   1690d ago
Lol, all of u r acting like hacking is wrong. Need I remind u that Mark Zuckerberg, one of the most brilliant minds in history, was a hacker. And he also went through lawsuits. Look where he is now.
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himdeel  +   1690d ago
And millions of people...
...buys this game every year?! Wow! I'm speechless...I won't let an craptivision game touch my console...EVER :)

And hell continues to bubble up and flood the earth...
HSx9  +   1690d ago

Modern Warfare 2 was hacked 3 days after it came out, Geohot didn't even touch that game lol, the only thing Geohot did was allow the hacks to become more accessible due to his Custom Firmware, and these "hacks" aren't new, it's really old bro.
Megaton  +   1690d ago
Yeah! What a loser! Typical 13 year old cracking open a multinational corporation's flagship console. Stupid brainy smarties!
UnwanteDreamz  +   1690d ago

Even more pathetic are the people who respect and look up to that 13yo.
Megaton  +   1690d ago
@UnwanteDreamz - I know, bro! Totally feeling you! People shouldn't be respected for accomplishing things that 99% of this site couldn't even explain to their friends. They should be respected for earning trophies and stuff!
RememberThe357  +   1690d ago
Because people who paid for and are playing legitimately are having all their work reset, they're games crashed.

Your a troll, you never have anything constructive to say, and if this was on the 360 you'd hate it.

How is this OK in your mind? How is it that people who legitimately buy their games and are having to put up with this crap the bad guys? they're pissed because they want to play their game the way they were made and compete with other gamers. All this hacking does is serve to make online games unplayable. If you were an actual gamers, that would suck to you.
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mrcash  +   1690d ago
the hacks are ridiculous and just about everyone is using hacks/mods this is far worse then it ever was on xbox.
gaden_malak  +   1690d ago
"Lol, all of u r acting like hacking is wrong. Need I remind u that Mark Zuckerberg, one of the most brilliant minds in history, was a hacker. And he also went through lawsuits. Look where he is now."

Brilliant minds?

Einstein and Newton had brilliant minds. And you're an idiot.
8thnightvolley  +   1689d ago
even the 360 version wasnt this badly hacked.. thats just ugly.
Baka-akaB  +   1690d ago
someone should go in court and sue activision . Even if a frivolous complaint .

"Their shoddy code allow others to damage my console with repeated freezes"
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SuperStrokey1123  +   1690d ago
Thats a good idea.
Focker420  +   1690d ago
Wow, what a fuckin jerk-off.
Blaze929  +   1690d ago
this has nothing to do with the recent PS3 hacks. This is actually pure hacking thanks to a game Activision/Infinity Warn left unpatched. MW2 on the PS3 has always been a problem in the past and now it's just getting worse.
crzyjackbauer  +   1690d ago
I don’t wanna be a fanboy or anything
but I never new why people hated this game
I played it on 360 since november last year and loved it
I just got it for ps3 this xmas so I can play with my
cousins on ps3, and wow huge diffrence
half of the games I enter on ps3 are glitch rooms
and groundwar is laggy as hell
but I guess mw2 is better than BO on ps3
DORMIN  +   1690d ago
@crzyjackbauer: Stop trolling and flaming.
I own MW2 on 360 and BO on PS3. Both are glitchy, laggy, and sometimes you will run into the occasional hacker. Frankly, thats the hidden cost of buying a game so popular. There will always be dicks ruining it for others.

Thankfully, there are better FPSs that are less riddled with problems and more supported than Activision because their only concern is to get the next CoD out every year and not fix the problems of their previous games.

Hell they just released a CoD MW collection and they didn't bother fixing the game beforehand.

Back on topic: I'm definitely done buying activision games, learn how to support/fix your damn games! Judging by the amount of videos that guy on YouTube has about these hacks it looks like he has been ruining it for strangers since launch.
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crzyjackbauer  +   1690d ago
im not trolling
i use to do the care package glitch on 360
but i never got out of hand and that got fixed

people do get banned and they get theyre stats rolled down to negetaive numbers on 360

i got a friend that has -100000 kills
im not saying the 360 version is not glitchy but theres a lot less people glitching
look at the headline on this post it says "Modern Warfare 2 hacked to shreds on PS3" ON PS3!
meetajhu   1690d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
DoomeDx  +   1690d ago
See it like this, if hackers keep doing that ''Demote players back to Rank 1'' thing, maybe the victems will end up buying a REAL game. like Killzone 3, Bad Company 2, or w/e!

instead of playing nothing else but CoD
kaveti6616  +   1690d ago
What happens when hackers decide to exploit games like KZ3 and BC2?
BattleAxe  +   1690d ago
They won't exploit Killzone 2, and besides, Sony's first party studios would be all over that kind of thing.
xAlmostPro  +   1690d ago
its not just mw2.. went on cod4 for the first time in months yesterday and kept getting thrown into hacked public lobbies such as challenge ones and prestige ones now my stats are messed up and im like 8th prestige and theres nothing i can do about it..

allthough there was one cool infection which was a promod infection so every map i played onwards had promod maps which look stunning to be fair xD

but yeah these games are a shambles on ps3 right now
juggulator  +   1690d ago
A guess what, with Infinity Ward in disarray over losing it's founders don't expect this to be fixed, ever. The hackers know that Activision could care less about this game and that it'll never be patched so its pretty much free reign for them to do whatever they want to do.
xAlmostPro  +   1690d ago
Yeah. Sadly, your right which is a shame.. cod4 is probably the best out of the franchise :(
Dante112  +   1690d ago
These hacks are affecting all platforms at the moment.


Edit: @ below Sure....bet this one is phony too right?


And this as well

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geekwithtanlines  +   1690d ago
that article is just a rip-off of this one. he used the same exact video, which shows the ps3 version, and doesn't comment either way as to what platform it's on. he's just trying to get some hits because this article is so hot right now. obvious theft is obvious.
geekwithtanlines  +   1690d ago
never said they were phonies. learn how to read.
Dante112  +   1690d ago
"He used the same exact video, which shows the ps3 version, and doesn't comment either way as to what platform it's on."

Aka phony implying that it's not on other platforms, learn how to not contradict yourself, mmkay.
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geekwithtanlines  +   1690d ago
"phony" means "fake." i didn't say his article was "fake." i said his article was a "rip-off," ie he stole the idea from here and tried to make it his own. you shouldn't use words if you don't understand their definitions. try dictionary.com.



also, no one here is saying this hack is ONLY affecting the ps3. the experience of the person who wrote this article, as well as the information in the video, are specific to the ps3. i don't think anyone believes it's only been hacked on the ps3 - it was hacked on pc and xbox 360 long before this.
rmx687  +   1690d ago
@Dante112, if you read the original article, the forums are where the problem is being reported. Xbox 360 users have yet to report these problems in public matches while there are a lot of PS3 threads on the subject. While these hacks have been available for a while, as evidenced by one of your videos, this is the first time they're appearing on public matches on the PlayStation 3.
Dante112  +   1690d ago
@ geekwithtanlines

According to some folks above, it appears that way (only on the ps3 version) and some below think it's actually because of the ps3 piracy situation now. Might've taken you the wrong way earlier thinking that you were implying that it was only on the ps3 so my bad man. I apologize.
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socomnick  +   1690d ago
this is the start, every single ps3 game will now be plauged with hacks.

All thanks to the ps3 being jailbroken.

Freezing the ps3s of opposing team is hilarious, thanks to the hackers i will be able to troll on psn. lol
xAlmostPro  +   1690d ago
these hacks have nothing to do with the ps3 hack, hacks like these were around before the ps jailbreak lol, its just over the top atm
UnwanteDreamz  +   1690d ago

I feel dumber for having read that. You dont care how childish and ignorant you look?
MrJack  +   1690d ago
I've played in these lobbys, most of the time people jsut auto-aim headshot people, but I have played some damn fun games with superspeed/superjump on, the should make that a private lobby option in MW3
BlackTar187  +   1690d ago
megaton you couldnt miss the point anymore.

your logic is so flawed its ridiculus
MostJadedGamer  +   1690d ago
Black Ops has been out for over 2 months now. There is no excuse to still be playing MW2. Hopefully this will encourage people to trade MW2 for Black Ops.
BattleAxe  +   1690d ago
The hell with that, I'm going back to World at War.
mantisimo  +   1689d ago
Vids been removed.
TBM  +   1689d ago
This is why I still enjoy my single player experience as these douche bags can't mess with that.

When and if I do play online I only play with friends and family.
madpuppy  +   1689d ago
I think that they should hardware ban every last hacked PS3 from PSN. then if you want to run Linux be my guest.

As for gaming on Sony's Personal servers (PSN) should be exclusively for people that BUY the games they play.

why would anyone think they have the "right" to be on someone else's network running Pirated software and cheating hacks is beyond me.
HarryMonogenis  +   1690d ago
The guy in the video makes some pretty strange sounds when he's thinking of what to say:


It's in-between the 6:00 and 7:00 minute mark.

As for the hacks. Wow, I want to know what Infinity Ward think of this -- if they've seen it.
MeanOldman  +   1690d ago
it isnt infinity ward they need to be worried about. now these hackers are getting stupid cause the next thing you know they will have companies like activision and ea coming after them too. at some point there will be just too many legal teams to deal with and hacking wont feel so cool when your life is ruined.

an dont act like they are that smart about keeping quiet cause too many of these dudes have fat egos.

stand on the curb an keep throwing them rocks cause once you hit the wrong dog you aint got nothing to cry over when you get bit.
Focker420  +   1690d ago
Well, the retard clearly showed his PSN ID multiple times, it shouldn't be that hard to find him.
rob6021  +   1690d ago
I'm not sure that the hackers making these hacks make their identity known like the failoverflow crew and geohot, so it's hard to sue.
SMOK3xFFx  +   1690d ago
LMFAO 3:40 AC130 crash.
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1690d ago
I know. I hate MW2 anyways. So this video just gave me loads of chuckles.
Acquiescence  +   1690d ago
So hackers have rendered Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer a cheat-fest already...
Swell. Good job I gave up on the Call Of Duty games well over a year ago. A shame for anyone on the PS3 who hopes to play a fair match from here on out though.
SnakeMustDie  +   1690d ago
I guess its time for CoD fanboys to migrate to Resistance or Killzone. Unless they also made hacks for those other two.

This is one of the downsides of allowing homebrew on all platforms.
#5 (Edited 1690d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Baka-akaB  +   1690d ago
no please no ...

they ought to go over crap ops , er black ops
#5.1 (Edited 1690d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Focker420  +   1690d ago
Thats exactly what I just was thinking. Hopefully KZ3 isn't immediately ruined by these low lifes. It just pisses me off beyond belief that someone would enjoy ruining everything for everyone like this.
visualb  +   1690d ago
GG and sony would deal with anyone running this stuff for sure

its hacking = cheating

that gets you kicked and banned on the PC online games, so it'd also do the same on consoles
pixelsword  +   1690d ago
@ focker;

I agree.

That's a fanboy for ya; ruin everyting.
Prcko  +   1690d ago
well it's over with multiplayer,give me the reason to stay on ps3?
this is just 2 much,xbox360 here i come!
edit: ps player since 1997,but this is just 2 stupid,sony fix this FFFS!!!
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Baka-akaB  +   1690d ago
yeah pretend the game isnt rotten and hacked there too
Threesix  +   1690d ago
I only came across a hacker who abused the game on the 360 once out of hundreds of games played. The rest of them just used it to alter the color of their names which is something you can do in Black Ops now anyways. The whole "hackers are everywhere and taking over" thought is over exaggerated, even on a console that's been broken in to for years.
cemelc  +   1690d ago

Lol like you have a ps3.
#6.2 (Edited 1690d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
LordMaim  +   1690d ago
Yeah, cause there's no hacking at all on the Xbox version of MW2. No wait...
StankyChicken  +   1690d ago
give me a break... your acting like modding mw2 hasn't been going on up until now. Switching consoles isn't going to serve justice. I've encountered fewer hackers on the Xbox version, but there's still a damn good amount.
fantasygamer  +   1690d ago
He obviously has no talent for playing games so he has to substitute by cheating/hacking.. hope he gets permabanned from PSN.
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Craptain_Steel  +   1690d ago
It's been like this since June, when the jailbreak came out, godlymodz and elite mossy released patches of sorts.
EVO-OM3GA  +   1690d ago
Yeah my first time playing MOD2 on the PS3 I experienced 2 Players who had somehow hacked there Kill Streaks this came as a surprise as I thought it couldnt be done on the PS3.

But oh well I just left and found another game simple no need to hang about and get your KD screwed by idiots.

That was pretty funny though the guy who found the bunker was like WTF is that doing there

-End Statement-
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jizzyjones  +   1690d ago
PS3 not havin much luck with the COD series at the minute, or hackers for that matter.
hesido  +   1690d ago
Is this using firmware hacks? If so, multiplayer gaming on the console is good as over for me. Seriously. Using map glitches and bugs to gain advantage is one thing (which I also oppose), but gaining massive advantage through software fiddling, which I was used to see on the PC's, is the worst thing that could happen to console multiplayer gaming.
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1690d ago
This rarely happens on PC anymore. Too many way to keep the hackers and script kiddies out. Not to mention most servers on games just ban on first offense.
hesido  +   1690d ago
I'm seriously thinking going back to PC gaming, because of this. Lowlife "hackers" ruining one more thing. I guess this is part of their "if you have something in your possession, you should be able to use it however you want" mantra. So if they acquire a game, they should be allowed to fly around in god mode with aimbots, because they have possession of the game.

Unfortunately, some of those those too-many-ways will also have to be implemented to console games, reducing their performance. Programmers will spend more time trying to detect hacks than actually design the frigging game. Overall, it is bad for everybody, excluding the morons who ruin multiplayer gaming.
nycredude  +   1690d ago
Dude don't be a drama queens. It's a couple of COD games, which is shit anyway. PLay something else.
hesido  +   1690d ago
You don't get it. If games can be tampered with using external software, outside the incompetence of the game programmers leading to glitches which will always stay isolated per game, it would lead to mass hacking for all games. All I'm asking is whether this is the incompetence of Treyarch, or are they using external software to get these, which a console shouldn't let.
nycredude  +   1690d ago

I think it is most definitely the incompetence of the treyarch. ALl of the cod games have had this type of problem.
mushroomwig  +   1690d ago
Jesus..I was this close to finally buying the game today as well, good job I didn't.
fooltheman  +   1690d ago
I played the first call of duty and that was the last...
(the first one was good though)
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1689d ago
First and second are the only good ones imo.
travelguy2k  +   1690d ago
If i worked for infinity Ward, i would probably spend my nights hacking it. lol
ryanelittlefield  +   1690d ago
This is ridiculous!...not like I liked mw2 that much to begin with.
Apone  +   1690d ago
This makes me very sad...
ninjagoat  +   1690d ago
Surely this is the guys account ban him.
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1690d ago
He didn't create the hack. He's just a tool spreading the word to the masses, along with whatever idiot posted the link as a N4G article.
renegade  +   1690d ago
Whatever who created it is guilty as who use it.
Motorola  +   1690d ago
visualb  +   1690d ago
so person doesn't create gun

uses gun to kill



renegade  +   1690d ago
now mw2 is unplayable because those duchebags hackers.
younglj01  +   1690d ago
Wow serious this is what gaming is coming 2 kids wanting to cheat just so they can be cool.what happen to tha days of having legit skills or just playing a video games to escape tha reality of life.

Gaming was once about having fun and meeting new people now its just full of fanboys and dumbass hakers.
UnwanteDreamz  +   1690d ago
I think the arcade could make a come back if it becomes the only place for fair competition .

Naw jk
SockMaster  +   1690d ago
I came on last night because i wanted to see how different it was to black ops, i havent played MW2 in 3 months and intended to never play it again but i was curious....

It was hacked to shit, unlimted EMP, Unlimited Ammo on AC-130, aim & wall hack it was crazy!

Im suprised this came up, its quite coincidental!
MetalFreakMike  +   1690d ago
That is just low. Hacking a game just so you win every time. If you have to resort to using these hacks to win then you deserve your console to catch fire and burn your damn house down. Scum like this pisses me off and keeps me from playing certain games online.
TKO236  +   1690d ago
This is why Geohotz is a dumbass
sway__z  +   1690d ago
These hacks are making competitive multi-player games redundant. The real losers aren't us legitimate gamers...it will be the developer/publishers, because if they do nothing about it, nobody will buy online only games or will avoid playing online after single player mode is completed.

*Why can't they hack B-ops to make it play better?
Eiffel  +   1690d ago
I can only imagine the reactions from this guys victims, even though it's bad it's hilarious at the same time.
RedRedSuitSDF  +   1690d ago
Wow... am I the only one that thinks this guy is an idiot for showing his name, and his youtube account and all that stuff? I mean whatever... the hacks were pretty cool if you ask me. I can't believe they have all that stuff. Walking AC130? AC130 crash??!?!!? CRAZY! But what an idiot for putting all his info on there. People pay him to mod their PS3's? And he has his name out there?!?!? What a moron!

Good thing people don't play MW2 as much now.
XabiTheHumble  +   1690d ago
For those that hack, cheat, and for the others that support this crap. Thank you for making this possible
sp1deynut  +   1690d ago
...would you ship your PS3 to a lowlife like this??? That's just plain retarded.
C4BL3  +   1690d ago
You will never stop hacks or network menipulation. In the world of online play people will do whatever they can to get an edge. I just find it hularious that when MW2 first came out and people were messing with the game. M$ came out and said they would ban people's consoles from online play. At that point Sony said that they would not do the same. It made it "ok" to hack or whatever on PSN. All you laughed as M$ was banning people claiming the superiority of PS. Now Sony wants to sue because someone hacked the PS. Too little too late.
Pillage05  +   1690d ago
I hate this...
Dart89  +   1690d ago
Can we report these people to sony?
xtremegamerage  +   1690d ago
Trouble is, most people will still buy the next cod mw2.5
Dart89  +   1690d ago
Definitely agree wit u i just played a match of mw2 and it was runned by hackers uggh complete mess...i popped in mw2 wat do u know smooth gameplay everyone was doin what they were suppose to do.
MoreRPG  +   1690d ago
im sure the next COD will sell more than Black Ops
but still be crap
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