Journey Features Co-Op For The Casual Crowd

Journey, the next game from arthouse favorite indie developer thatgamecompany, was first revealed at E3 last year, but we're only recently beginning to get more info on how you play this visually striking downloadable game. Creator Jenova Chen explains more in a new interview with the PlayStation Blog.

Among the most interesting bits of the interview is Chen's explanation for Journey's unique multiplayer, which allows you to bump into other players without ever entering a lobby or messing around with the various menus and options hardcore gamers have grown used to with multiplayer games.

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SuperKing2716d ago

I can't wait for this game to come out!!!! :DDDD

Lazyeye792716d ago

Interesting to see how the multi-player plays out.

dontbhatin2716d ago

i have a gut feeling that this game is going to be amazing!!! if its 10 bucks like flow and flower were when they cme out that would be even better!!!

PLAYER50952716d ago

doubt it gonna be 15 bux

dontbhatin2716d ago

what makes you think that? cause it has multiplayer?

despair2716d ago

I hope its $10.00 as well, too many PSN/XBLA games are going to that $15.00 mark and I don't know if its my own cheapness or a mental limit but that turns me off from the game, even if its a great one.

vickers5002715d ago

"what makes you think that? cause it has multiplayer?"

No, I think it's just now they can justify it at that price, since everybody else is doing it. I remember when most PSN games used to be 10 bucks, but then a few of them started a trend and made them 15.

Doesn't matter though, this will almost certainly be worth more than 15 bucks, so I'm buying it day one.

Bigbangbing2716d ago

I can't wait to take this journey T_T