Tales of Monkey Island - Debut Trailer

The game is back! This time in 3D models. Game is available March 25th 2011.

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Yi-Long2628d ago

... I'm a HUGE fan of the original 2 games, but these new ones just look and sound.... mediocre.

SMOK3xFFx2628d ago

You wave your sword like a feather duster.

Lucreto2628d ago

This has been out for ages

I have has the DVD of the game since March 2010.

Lucreto2628d ago

My mistake they are just releasing to for retail. I have the series downloaded from the website and got the DVD free.


Monkey Island hasnt been the same since original secret of monkey island but still! ITS MONKEY ISLAND!!

lucifon2628d ago

This has been out like a year...

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