COD MW3 Guns: Weapons and Perks List – What do you Want?

Now that Call of Duty Black Ops has been out for a number of months, Product-Reviews thought it would switch attention to the next game, which could be the third installment in Activision’s ‘Modern Warfare’ franchise.

Are you totally satisfied with the current weapon list in Black Ops, or would you prefer to see some weapons from Modern Warfare 1 and 2 return for the new game?

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awiseman2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Call of Duty 8: Modern Warfare 3 has just been announced! We cannot tell you much right now, but the normal edition will cost $149 and the Prestige edition, which comes with a Bobby Kotick statue, will cost $499. We are focusing on providing camper friendly gameplay, with full hacker support to help you win your games "fairly". It will come with 2 expansion packs, the first one called the "Wall Hack Package" and it does what you THINK it does! Or rather, you don't have to think, and your gun will magically aim at enemies and you can see through walls! It will cost you only $999 with a 10 minute limit on usage! The second expansion pack is called the "Care Package Glitch" package and it unlocks a new glitch (adding to the hundreds of already available glitches), and it will cost $1799 because we really think we took a lot of effort into this game and DLC, and I believe our players will recognize our hard work as well.
Preorder today, and it will cost you an additional $100. Why? Because, we are the "customer friendly" Activision (and we believe our products are so much better than our competitors that we deserve extra $)!

Credit goes to jameslee1997 for this report on crap0vision studios.

gamerzBEreal172894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

for the joke about overpriced

now lets not forget ps3 launched at $599 yes it was a beast that was worth it but i think 3-5 maps and a zombie map for $14.99 isn't bad if u dont like it dont buy it its not like they force u to buy it

RSPproductionz2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

The Bobby Kotinator would be nice. I imagine it would just fire out money and a nasty barage of gold coins as the secondary feature.

Although this will probably be released as an extra for 15$

PS360PCROCKS2894d ago

um what? A under-priced PS3 at $599 is not the same as a COD game in any respect. COD is short SP, glitchy MP that has hardly changed since 4 games ago and over priced map packs for maps you played in previous games.

The PS3 was $800 worth of technology when it came out, nice try though...

Dee_912894d ago

Retire and call it a day :)

SiLeNt KNighT2894d ago

id take a team that patches the game after its released. imo, overall the cod franchise is good. its a fun game to play with friends. honestly ive never logged as many hours into a franchise as cod. its a love hate relationship. its impossible to get a 3.5 kdr all night, then log on the next day to have the worst luck ever. its lag and server issues that have ruined it for me. luckily i havent come across too many hackers but the lag is ridiculous and has never been fixed. the first MW was by far the best. lag has ruined it and hackers have taken it to another level. it doesnt make sense that i have the same lag yesterday with 300,000 people on the server as i had the day of launch with 1.2 million people. fix the damn game!!!

new guns and perks??? no thanks. how about a game i can play longer than a few months before its ruined by lag and hackers.

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TheLastGuardian2894d ago

Hmmm...What do I want? For CoD to die!

The_Claw2894d ago

no dedicated servers = no buy
ive had it with call of dookie its the same crap every year. "we will fully support this game" what a load of crap. gave it away as a xmas present

xAlmostPro2894d ago

guns for the next COD.. slingshot, watergun, paintball gun yeah those would be cool -_-

on a serious note though, i say they DONT make another cod for atleast to years, get both studios to work together and build a monster of a COD game, take the time out to make it run well on all platforms produce a great product and then don't release the next game for another 2 years. a map pack or 2 can help it get through the second year.

I mean treyarch make a great balanced game, but they always fail on the server/performance side, hit detection always sucks, lag is frequent, but they make good choices about features etc.

The perfect cod imo, would be cod4 map sizes.. which would create less campers and make it far more fast paced again. Fix the killstreaks back to 3 set numbers.. although i'd change them to 3 7 10 ( uav/airstrike/attack helicopter) don't let the killstreaks add to the next one like black ops. i'd also implement the cod4 style perks where things like rpgs & noobtubes replace your 1st perk. although remove juggernaught and last stand, and even stopping power. The final thing would be to use dedicated servers for all platforms -_- lag's not cool.

Anyways thats a waste of typing because its never going to happen, they'll keep milking it until sales dramtically drop(similar to MoH) and then try come back with a re-brand, which will probably fail, this day can not come soon enough xD

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Dart892895d ago

Ummmm how bout letting it die i think most people can agree with that

gamerzBEreal172894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

i think most people would dissagree with that it is the best selling franchise on ps3 and xbox 360

*EDIT* @ Below
oh really? i would like to see you keep up a 2.30 kdr surviving till round 42 on zombies and and beating the single player on the hardest difficulty

get your facts stright just because a game could be easy at times (rushing with ak74u) does not mean it takes no skill i doubt u even put 14 hours into the game

Dart892894d ago

Because anyone can pick cod up and play it it requires little to no skill to play it.

Dart892894d ago

* i doubt u even put 14 hours into the game*

Gotta congratulate u on that no i haven't put 14 hours into that game cuz i don't own it btr games deserve my attention.

2894d ago
BloodyNapkin2894d ago


You hit the nail on the head my friend. It requires no skill to play, just like ever other game. But it takes skill to be good.

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gcolley2894d ago

does it really matter what is in it??? it'll sell regardless

branchedout2894d ago

I'd like an autowin button.

Jack-Pyro2894d ago

There's already one, it's called a Silenced UMP.45

Zuriel2894d ago

And it lasted awhile (for the ps3 at least and I guess it's still on the xbox), till the hackers took over.

IaMs122894d ago

Ugh we just got Black OPs, really MW2 as well, not another please save it for later. Do something else, and then bring this in as a good game, like CoD4 was

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