Video Games: Serious Business

Gamernode's Greg Galiffa writes: In a time when video games are coming into their true form and are shattering records set by something as regal as film, it's surprising major media outlets aren't taking them more seriously. I'm not talking about broadcasting companies, who try to demonize video games as often as they can (by the way, nice job calling Keighley "darlin'," Cooper). We all know opinionated television shows will use every excuse possible to blame video games for kids' behavior. It's an easy scapegoat for the unexplainable and dangerous. But that's all hearsay and as we've seen, doesn't matter in the long-run.

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italianbreadman2890d ago

I think a major roadblock to serious coverage of the games industry is that too large a portion of writing about games is juvenile and counteracts efforts toward the ultimate goal.