You should have played….Split/Second

Now that commentators are getting some perspective on the long awaited but sterile and soulless Gran Turismo’s shortcomings, Split/Seconds over the top action and bombast is all the more appealing.

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xino2891d ago

played it, sold it!

just because I'm not talking about it doesn't mean I don't know it.
Cuz fake game sites and wanna be journalist will start writing top 10 UNDERRATED games again and include this game on the list.

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)

Letros2891d ago

What does Ninja Gaiden 3 have to do with split/second...?

DORMIN2890d ago

Blur was funner, but I'll stick with GT5 over both of those.

andron2891d ago

Me too, played it sold it. The game was good fun for a while, but it gets repetitive and lack longevity.

Also I found a couple of the game modes annoying, especially the helicopter ones...

Quagmire2890d ago

Helicopter was the best, finished every one! you mustve sucked.

Mmmkay2890d ago

me too. been there, done that. the game was not even worth finishing.

Led-Zeppelin2890d ago

Stop with the "Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)" at every ending part of your comments. Fking annoying. Cheap ass advertisement too.

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dkgshiz2890d ago

:0 still have no idea what they were thinking with that one.

palaeomerus2890d ago

It's a lot of fun for about the first half of the game. Then you've pretty much seen all the cool parts and ti gets kind of stale.

MrBeatdown2890d ago

Loved Split/Second. Got the platinum in it. It's not quite as good as Blur, but it's still fun as hell. I could have done without the helicopter modes though.

Solbadguy2890d ago

I got Modnation and Blur instead. Modnation for great customization and Blur for great online. Both of those games have 4 player split screen while Split Second only has 2 player split screen.

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The story is too old to be commented.