Splosion Man dev accuses Capcom of 'complete game theft'

Twisted Pixel says iPhone game MaXplosion is a rip-off of its XBLA title

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Deathstroke2890d ago

Explodemon is another similar game but that was announced literally a few hours before Splosion Man. Of course Crapcom is going to make a clone but it doesn't matter as Crapcom's games are all mediocre this gen anyways.

scofios2890d ago

I agree Capcom's games where all mediocre this gen , the only game i personaly enjoyed this gen from them was the first dead rising .

schlanz2890d ago

What about Phoenix Wright and Monster Hunter?

And although I know a lot of people might not have, I really enjoyed RE5 despite it's departure from survival horror. And SSFIV seems to have a pretty dedicated fanbase. I wouldn't call any of those games mediocre.

multipayer2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Iphone is mediocre, so capcom made some shovelware. Twisted Pixel should have been on board earlier if they wanted a piece of the money pie... Of course they are probably contracted under windows phone 7 making their own gimped version... I am not sympathetic yo.

Chris3992890d ago

And they're doing it for about $5 a pop. Make of that what you will, but it's definitely consumer friendly.

krisq2890d ago

But Gameloft is owned by Ubisoft. Twisted Pixel is an independent developer. They even approached Capcom with SplosionMan and they said 'No'. Sad move by Capcom. Shadow of a company it once was IMO.

The Meerkat2890d ago

Sounds like the plot of Tron.

xino2890d ago

not surprised with Salarymen acts!

Resident evil 5 stolen boxart
Super SF HD Remix stolen sprites.

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

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