New Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Screenshots

RPG Site just got their hands on seventeen new screenshots for Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, the PSP title that combines Final Fantasy IV and the previously downloadable Epilogue The After Years into one title with revisited graphics and music but the same old FF4 gameplay.

The screenshots are a mixture of scenarios and battles from both the original Final Fantasy IV and The After Years, showing players in control of both Cecil in FF4 and his son Ceodore in each of the games. The game's due to arrive in Japan on March 24th, and it's fairly likely that it will end up coming West.

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Herminator2894d ago

I can't get over how weird those updated sprites look. =/

borisfett2894d ago

This is certainly a weird decision. They made a fully 3D, voice acted FFIV for a less powerful system, but this is only a sprite update? Odd.

Still, I love the After Years, so I'm probably going to lap this up anyway. Hah.

borisfett2894d ago

That boxart is a mess though.

hot4play2893d ago

I love the boxart. Yoshitaka Amano artwork FTW!
Better than most US boxarts (IMO)... :)

Eamon2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

My guess is that if they were to make a fully 3D, voice acted FFIV after years on the PSP it would have to have visuals on the level of Crisis Core or Dissidia.

Therefore the budget for such a remake would be a lot bigger than making the remake on DS.

So they stuck with "hi-res"ing the sprites instead.

maxcer2894d ago

cmon SE! get a clue already and release this on xbla/psn.

XANDEO2894d ago

ill get this but, when is FF6 gonna have this treatment?

Eamon2894d ago

I'd rather have a proper 3D remake on FF6 instead really.

hot4play2893d ago

On the PSP2. With graphics and character models similar to Dissidia! (Hated the look of FF 3 & 4 remakes on the DS)

LightofDarkness2894d ago

Seriously, why can't they just port the assets from the DS version? Seems like SE are getting lazier and lazier...

maxcer2894d ago

are you talking about the shitty looking polygons? how could you prefer that to the nostalgic look of this game?

hot4play2893d ago

^ True.
This version of FF4 feels more authentic and closer to the source material.
Hoping for a FF5 and 6 remake next as well...

Eamon2894d ago

To be honest, I preferred the 3D visuals of the DS version to the old sprites and textures.

Mainly because there's much more life in them and the graphics are better and more pleasing.

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