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With everything that's happened since Lair's release and really ever since the game was announced and positioned first in Sony's autumn software lineup, one could describe the critical and PR disaster the game is going through as almost ominous.

What better developer than Factor 5 to embody the Playstation 3's capabilities into a single game? They've got experience making flight games, (Star Wars Rogue Squadron) which have been seen as an avenue to validate Sony's SIXAXIS controller ever since it was first unveiled through Warhawk. They even made a Gamecube game in 2001 that looked better than almost anything else from the following six years, so they certainly know how to get results from hardware. Lair's failings however are not in these areas, but instead lie in an overall game design that is simply tired and overgrown.

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rogimusprime3719d ago

LAIR sucks, we've all heard it before even though virtually none of us can HONESTLY say we've played it.

"I'm, bored"

"wanna get high?"

"Nah, I think im going to write a review on that LAIR that came out last month"

"what a great idea, brah!"

This is getting old. Maybe I'll write my own review for my own sh*tty site and publish it as 'news'.

gamesblow3719d ago

No one cares! This is so played out and so over. It's almost starting to get as bad as Giant Enemy Crabs, Chuck Norris and Kanye West... I'm sick of the Lair/Sony bashing.

Truth is.. Lair controls rather well. I've had several "non gamers" pick it up and play it for the 1st time and aside from the typical 1st time awkwardness of holding the controller and controling it, instead of holding it while you smack buttons on it... they all did really well.

Lair is a great game, people. Don't buy into these ignorant ass "so called" pro review sites. They're the same kind of people that call their buddies to help them out of a jam when it comes time to please their old ladies.

BloodySinner3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )


And just what the hell would the "non gamer" know about gaming? You could easily give them any crappy game and let them play, they'll have fun, regardless.

Great game? I'm sorry, but it's not. When many major gaming sites are complaining about the same thing, it's their word against yours. Be honest with yourselves, Lair sucks. Period.

Now, go play that awesome title of yours... Warhawk, anyone?

gamesR4fun3719d ago

this is one of the most bashed games ever seems like every moron with a pen has got to have some reason to hate it. This loser doesnt diss the controls or the graphics at least but says it plays like rogue S wtf.
I still enjoy the game since I got it almost 2 weeks ago like I've said b4 controls are rock solid (if you can handle 6x) and the gameplay and graphics are top notch. Anyone who rates this less than 7 shouldnt b called a gamer.

RadientFlux3719d ago

one if not the "THE" best review of Lair I've read. Explains the faults and positives of Lair. I would still recommend renting Lair and trying it out and make your own opinions.

g4n3719d ago

aside from Oblivion, this is the best game i own on the PS3 (hate shooters, so RfoM does not count)

the 1080p is what really sells it, it just looks great, blows any lolbox game away.

the controls are easy, you just can go NUTZ with it like ppl were doing wen the wii came out. calm the frack down and just barely move the controler num-nutz...

I have no idea what hes talking about compairing this to star wars... anyone who has played this game, and makes reference start wars needs to get professional help...

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