Standalone Crimson Onyx DS Lite Coming In October

Want to get your hands on a Crimson Onyx DS Lite but not a fan of Dr. Kawashima's Brain Age 2? It appears that the new DS Lite color will soon be available in a standalone package without Brain Age 2 this October, according to a Phantom Hourglass standee ad at GameStop.

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Umbrella Corp3746d ago

about time i get a ds i know im slow lol

no_more_heroes3746d ago

get one if you buy games to have fun. I have newfound respect for Pokemon now (never used to like it at all) and New Super Mario Bros. is just addictive, good ol' fashioned Mario platforming. Don't, and I mean DON'T forget MarioKart either. If anything else, make sure you at least have these three games in your DS library.

TalantMAJR3746d ago

the link isn't working....