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UK retailer puts £300 price tag on 3DS

The Hut Group has begun taking pre-orders for the Nintendo 3DS - putting a whopping £299.97 price tag on the unit. (Industry, Nintendo DS)

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Titanz  +   1659d ago

Say it ain't so Nintendo, say it ain't so...
hay  +   1659d ago
WTF? This isn't price. It's a rape.

@Below: It isn't panic, comment about price. But it's still a rape.
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EYEamNUMBER1  +   1659d ago
there was another article that said the same thing just 230 and before that there was one that said 250 and before that i saw one that said 199

just wait until they actually reveal information on the thing before you start to panic
Anarki  +   1659d ago
300 for a handheld?
UnwanteDreamz  +   1659d ago
This is just my opinion but I don't know why anyone would buy the first round of a Nintendo hanheld. What I mean is that a year after the 3DS releases we will get the 3DS Lite, a year after that the 3DS Eye, and maybe the 3DSXL.
FreeMonk  +   1659d ago
Ha ha ha ha ha! Go Nintendo. The thing is that at £300, the 3DS will still be printing Nintendo money just like the DS and Wii did and still does.

Nintendo could put a £500 price tag on the 3DS and people would still go out and buy it.

Me....I'll be saving my cash for something a little more worth it.
Big_Dom  +   1659d ago
"Nintendo could put a £500 price tag on the 3DS and people would still go out and buy it."

No. No they wouldn't.

If you are old enough, you'd remember that to put anything over the price of 400 quid on a gaming system is the kiss of death for that system. I beleive Nintendo's most expensive system ever was the N64 with ridiculous pricing for it's games. It hurt that system, and it hurt Nintendo in the long term. I think they learned their lesson.
fatstarr  +   1659d ago
nintendo has never sold something so expensive ever.

they have a stratedgy
it will be 249$ that is a nintendo sounding price.

they will make up for losses once 20million systems get sold lol.
rajman  +   1659d ago
LOL £300? I wont pay anything more then £150 for this.
ps3360games  +   1659d ago
i will go up to £230
Raendom  +   1659d ago
It was ALWAYS going to be more than £150. The DSi is basically that price, the DSiXL is HIGHER than that.
Greycat_James  +   1659d ago
If the US equivalent of the Japanese release price is $300, this seems unreasonable to say the least. That would mean we'd be paying almost $500. There's no way this would happen and there's no chance in hell that this will be the price it comes out at over here. Anywhere between £150 and £200 seems almost reasonable to me.
DOMination  +   1659d ago
Sadly this happens all the time.

Sony sell the PS3 320Gb for $350 in the US. In the UK, it's £285. If you convert that at todays rate, then in Britain we pay the equivalent of $447, nearly a hundred dollars more.
Greycat_James  +   1658d ago
It's always happened too. No obvious reason.I think there's some tax thing that they have to deal with.

Besides, I bought a 160G PS3 and I'm gonna get a 500G Hdd to use with it for less than buying the 320G one. Problem solved.
Optical_Matrix  +   1659d ago
The Japanese price is 25,000 yen, which is what?...$300 roughly. So £250 sounds about right. Theres no WAY in hell I'm paying £300 for the 3DS, as much as I want it, when I can buy a PS3 for £199.99.
TommyWiseau  +   1659d ago
Even £250 is too much for a portable. What really bothers me is that everybody suddenly jumped and said that it's gonna cost $300 (because of the currency conversion thing) when that wasn't the case for the other consoles that were previously released. For example: The PSP Go was announced with a 26800 Yen pricetag (which is around $320) and it certainly wasn't the same price in the US ($250). What made people think that the 3DS is gonna be different?
BLACKBOIJONES  +   1659d ago
LOL...WTF 300pounds for that, i will rather by the psp2
AGamerOfConsoles  +   1659d ago
You know how much PSP 2 will be? Wow considering we son't know anything about it.

Don't you guys forget if its HD it could STILL be dearer than 3DS even with the 3D technology. Because the specs are more expensive.
BLACKBOIJONES  +   1659d ago
Thats my point, psp2 will b better than this so i will rather spend that money one a better handheld console which will b the psp2
Prcko  +   1659d ago
lol 300 ahhaha¨!
i won't give that much,not a chance!
better psp2!
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Shazz  +   1659d ago
the sad reality is the more advanced these handhelds get the more we are gonna be out of pocket
LightofDarkness  +   1659d ago
Well, I won't be paying that. Especially for unproven tech with a 3.5 hour battery life. I'll wait for the PSP 2. Perhaps then the price of the 3DS will even come down.
Lilbambit  +   1659d ago
More expensive than any of the home consoles and iPod touches? No, Nintendo is not that stupid
Stealth20k  +   1659d ago
lol they have no idea, until nintendo actually lists the price.

Its estimated to be 250 dollars in the states

Thanks for another rumor article with no fact whatsoever

this article is more accurate

MCV notes that it has been "lead to believe" that the once listed March 25 release date is going to be the real one, and that the 3DS price will be somewhere between £200–230
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AGamerOfConsoles  +   1659d ago
I think the £200 mark is more likely. Nintendo should know there is a line to pushing it's luck and my prediction is...

PSP GO will have had a higher launch price.
Andy_Elvis  +   1659d ago
Now I have a benchmark for the psp2....I guess.

If it actually IS £300
maverick40  +   1659d ago
I call bullshot on this. This price would go against everything nintendo!
Robearboy  +   1659d ago
3 words
Fuck that shit
AGamerOfConsoles  +   1659d ago
I'm saying about £200. It is a VERY VERY good thing I saved. I would take this with a grain of salt. A report says its between 200 - 230 max. Even then 230 seems steep.
tigertron  +   1659d ago
Even at £200, no thanks. I'll wait for the inevitable 3DS lite and a price drop with a bigger games library.
nevin1  +   1659d ago
I like Nintendo's change for their next handheld. It seems Sony showed Nintendo there is a market for meatier portable games. I mean if you look at DS games vs whats been announced for 3DS so far it seems Nintendo wants to re connect with their original fans that grew up with Nes and SNes but the majority of them moved on to PS while the many who stayed i now know are called fanboys.

anyway, if its US price is $250 and PSP2 price will be $250-$300, it will be a interesting battle. Nintendo may not have that luxary of parents buying a $250 device for their 5 yr olds in this fight while most older gamers cant buy both systems.
maniac76  +   1659d ago
i did see ebuyer with the same price last week and thought it was way expensive,but i guess if thats how it is,wot can you do,wonder how much the games are gonna be
MarioWarfare  +   1659d ago
If that's true I am gonna just stick with my DS Lite, not paying more than 200 dollars just to get 3 to 5 hours of battery life
Thecraft1989  +   1659d ago
I really really want the 3ds but this bit more than I would pay. I could afford it no problem It just principle I'm not paying more for a hand held than the current price of the ps3.

I think the max I'm going to pay is about £229
divideby0  +   1659d ago
I cant justify paying more than 200 bucks for a handheld...
Heck I can buy a PS3 or 360 for less than the 3DS.
Early adopters get hosed.. I just cant jump in so early, especially with the PsP2 on the way
Rob946  +   1659d ago
i highly doubt this i cant remember how much it will be in japan but i know whatever the number was it translated into roughly 300 dollars and roughly 250 euro
jay2  +   1659d ago
Erm, NO DEAL! I'd pay it for the PSP2, why? Better tech, better games, hopefully more functionality with the PS3 that PSP give you etc. But 3HR's, 8 games, £300 no!
Kran  +   1659d ago
And I thought Kinect was expensive......
Vip3r  +   1659d ago
£300 for a gimmick. I don't think so Nintendo. I can see how you are going whore out all the kids to ask for this for their birthdays and Christmases so their parents will be £300 out of pocket. Heck, you can buy HDTVs for less that this. Not to mention 3D monitors too.

Nintendo, I am disappoint.

Btw £300 = $473. Yeah...
PSjesus  +   1659d ago
That cant be true
HIV-  +   1659d ago
the price of 3ds is gonna be $348 in australia


What do you think of that?

I was gonna get it, before I saw the price tag.
Greycat_James  +   1658d ago
Australia ALWAYS gets screwed over on the price of anything gaming. I mentioned the UK getting screwed earlier but compared to what Australia gets done to them it's gentle foreplay. While Australia gets brutal ass-rape in a back alley full of spikes..

Which is so very very dumb when the USD is practically the same exchange rate as the AUD.

Of course none of it is confirmed yet still. There's always a chance that Nintendo won't try and mug the consumers. Maybe.

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