Sony can completely disable your PS3

If you think that Sony can’t ban you if you play pirated games over PSN, think again. The amount of access Sony has to your machine is greater than you probably imagine.

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hardcore19122898d ago

can sony destroy my console remotely? If so, this is unacceptable.

HarryMonogenis2898d ago

I already knew this. The same goes on Xbox Live for the Xbox 360.

hardcore19122898d ago

@ Harry

No. when Microsoft ban you, you can still play offline or you can buy a new console then you can recover your gamertag to play online. Sony can disable your console online and offline.

FailOverHero2898d ago

What hardcore said.
Plus it is illegal for Sony to completely disable your ps3. They can ban it, but by law they aren't allowed to brick it. TOS does not permit listening trounbyfire?
If they could then Apple would have a field day disabling jailbroken iPhones. Fortunately we as consumers are protected against such crimes against end users...hee hee hee, sucks to be SONY right now

visualb2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )


read the TOS before quoting it

if you break it, Sony can brick it, its there.

you don't have to accept this, but then you cant use your PS3.


@ FailOverHero

True but then again they get you to agree to their terms of service which is a contract between you and them and if you break that contract, they are legally obliged to do whatever they stated as a consequence within that contract and im guessing this is one of the consequences.

Nitrowolf22898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

can you guys point me out for me where that part is located?

Although i want hackers off PSN, i always thought it was illegal for a company to disable things.

fail0verflow2898d ago

seems like dude who wrote this has his brain already disabled

R2D22898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Blah blah blah - if Sony really could do a wave ban they would have done it a long time ago. Come on Sony, more action and less talk,lay down the ban hammer when Killzone 3 hits.

FailOverHero2898d ago

content may include
automatic updates or
upgrades which may change
your current operating
system, cause a loss of data
or content or cause a loss of
functionalities or utilities.
Such upgrades or updates
may be provided for system
software for your PlayStation
3 computer entertainment
system, the PSP (PlayStation
Portable) system, or other
SCEA-authorized hardware.
Access or use to any system
software is subject to terms
and conditions of a separate
end user license agreement
found at http://
termsofuse. You authorize
SCEA to provide such content
and agree that SCEA shall not
be liable for any damages,
loss of data or loss of
functionalities arising from
provision of such content or
maintenance services. It is
recommended that you
regularly back up any
archivable data located on
the hard disk.
Loss of functionalities does in fact NOT include DISABLING the console itself. If it did then it would render the TOS ILLEGAL as it would VIOLATE the users RIGHTS. why do people hide behind the TOS like it is iron clad? It isn't. If it is reviewed and found to violate any user rights then Sony cannot use it to justify squat. So when I say TOS does not cover bricking consoles I know what I'm talking about. Sheesh man, open a law book or something

Venatus-Deus2898d ago


They would have to get the consumer to agree to their ToB’s before handing over their money and not when setting up a PSN account. They can only ban you from online play.

hardcore1912 is perfectly correct and there is nothing like you are describing in any of the various ToB’s.

badz1492898d ago

and the only reason they will do that to any of you is if you're caught playing pirated copies. so, it's your fault to begin with!

imvix2898d ago

Lol the disadvantages of owning a console, completely at the mercy of the console maker.

Open platform PC ftw.

cemelc2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )


" which may change
your current operating
system, cause a loss of data
or content or cause a loss of
functionalities or utilities. "

From the TOS "loss of functionalities or utilities" isnt playing games a functionality?

" SCEA shall not
be liable for any damages,
loss of data or loss of
functionalities arising from
provision of such content or
maintenance services"

Also you agreed to the second quote.

They can actually stop the ps3 from playing games, and hide in the fact that is a media center that can allow you to watch blue ray movies. Its not briking the ps3, but come on might as well be.

bananlol2898d ago

If sony started disabeling ps3 they would get so sued that the rrod fiasco would pale in comparison. The only thing they can do is block psn access.

Kurt Russell2898d ago

Brick my ps3 and I'll brick your windows.

morganfell2898d ago

That sounds tough until you are sitting in jail and the misdemeanor for throwing a brick through a window is upgraded to a B class felony because someone was hurt by the glass.

Now that gesture of tough brick throwing is a permanent black mark on your record not to mention a %500 fine, 10 hours of community service, and court costs. And your PS3 is still bricked.

Suddenly that act of defiance isn't that smart. Smart would have been avoiding the piracy that led to the bricking in the first place.

And I can see people complaining right now.

"Sony bricked my PS3"

"Really sir? Why? Let's look at the information Sony provided. Oh, it seems you were playing pirated games. Do you still want to proceed with this complaint?"

Jack Meahoffer2898d ago

We can debate the legality of this forever but at the end of the day Sony would never do this simply because of the massive public relations impact. Even though it appears from the comments that the hardcore brand worshipers are rooting for Sony to it the chances are astronomical in my opinion.

Nineball21122898d ago

@ Nitro: "

can you guys point me out for me where that part is located?"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the terms of service to use their "websites"? Is that the same TOS to use the PS3?

It might be, I dunno... just wanted clarification.

siyrobbo2898d ago

sony wont disable any PS3's, it would be suicide if they did and probably illegal in a lot of countries as well

cemelc2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

The problem here why FailoverFail keeps pulling the ToS out his A$$, i might not be a lawyer but i can read and its there. Will they do it? dont know, dont care.

If you have a modded ps3 dont go online thats it, i dont understand why pro modding are here having an issue you wont play online, so why go in at all???. Sony doesnt want to give psn acces or any kind of service to modders (pirates or otherwise) and thats their choice cos psn is theirs.

@Jack Meahoffer

While i do agree with you that sony wont brick consoles cos public opinion would be bad for them. They will take psn from that modded ps3 and thats just fine for me.

@Nineball2112 if you watch a few post above yours, you can see FailOverHero post copy pasting part of the ToS, and a few post below you can see mine copy pasting from his post explaning they can.

beavis4play2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

to all of the idiots above who say sony can't brick your system - they can't do it to anyone who is using the console in the proper way - but anyone who is hacking the console or playing pirated games - they certainly CAN do it to them.

those of you who suggest it's ok to break the law and then try to use laws to protect yourselves are complete losers.

Highatus2897d ago

Funny how people are saying they can't disable the console, take a look over to satellite providers when you hack the receiver they toss an ecm into the stream and brick your receiver. Same idea you are not using the hardware for its intended purpose therefore under the tos you may/will lose the privilege to use such hardware.

Apple's suit was also different in the fact that the jailbreak is a bypass and not actually changing apples software code wherein sony's jailbreak does use sonys code And the hackers freely distributed Sonys code and are altering it from its intended purpose which is clearly copyright infringement amongst other things. So anyone else using this method to hack is also infringing and subject to loss of said privileges.

jetlian2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

way they could brick it is if your renting it so no its not satellite. you bought the actual system you just don't own the software rights

If they could do it MS would have years ago

NeoBasch2897d ago

I think people forget we were rooting for Microsoft too when they dropped the ban hammer. Plain and simple, piracy is stupid. You're hurting the industry as well as yourself.

NickIni2897d ago

All this article says is that Sony CAN do it. Not will do, or have done. Just that theoretically they could.

And in all honesty, you pirate games? You deserve to have your console stripped of the right to play games. You'd have to be a serious fudgetard to think trying to sue Sony for getting what you deserved is a good idea, even in the unlikely event you were to win a case, you'd be hit with a Copyright hammer so damn big it would have been better to stay quiet.

deafwing2897d ago

yea this is nothing new, same with xbox, you'll have to spend money on anew one, start a new account, and loose all your lovely trophies (that would hurt the most I think for me; put a lot of time into those damn untouchable things :p

Seferoth752897d ago

Bricking a console is not the same as losing gaming functions while others continue to work. Sony would still be sued. No contract is perfect people.

Someone mentioned Satellite providers. In most cases you do not buy the receiver so they have every right to what they want to to their own property. That is not the same as when you own the property.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2897d ago


Ok so you own the hardware. Fair enough. Sony can't disable the hardware. Fine.
You pointed out that we are subject to EULA, on the software. It's not actually ours. We're paying for the right to use it, within the terms they set. They would then have the right to disable the software n the case of a particularly egregious violation, like pirating games.

They have the right to disable software.
The OS is software.
Sony can disable the OS.

Highatus2897d ago

@jetlian it seems as though you missed my point with the satellite reciever comparison.

If one is renting a reciever and hacks it then said provider bricks it is one going to call them and ask them why and deal with the legal ramifications within doing so? No. Same if one owns the reciever will one call them If one has hacked the reciever and they brick it? No, one will either try to resurrect the current system or buy another.One won't call the provider because one is STEALING their service.

Same point with the ps3, by using sony's code to unlock/hack the console you are not using the code for its intended purpose set by sony by agreeing with sony's terms of service and the end user licence agreement. Through the eula you have agreed to sony's licencing terms. You own the console however sony is free to alter the system in anyway(see firmware updates) especially if you have not adhered to the tos and eula.

So by agreeing to said terms you allow sony to alter the system in any way. Since noone other than sony own the license and loan it out to devs through kits, those that hack the system are in turn accepting the consequence of their actions whatever they may be.

evrfighter2897d ago

"According to a Neogaf user , "

"According to a Neogaf user , "

"According to a Neogaf user , "

"According to a Neogaf user , "

According to a Neogaf user My pc poops out hundred dollar bills.

Scary692897d ago

@ HarryMonogenis

Funny thing is people are so incompetent that they do not realize that Sony and MS have every right to do as they please everyone agrees to the TOS. Maybe everyone should take the time to read them. LOL

jeseth2897d ago

I didn't know lawyers hung around N4G forums . . .

Oh wait, they don't.

Leave it to a bunch of fanboys and people who think they know what they are talking about, I'm sure you guys know all the ins and outs of pirating and copyright infringment. If you did, you wouldn't be trolling gaming sites.

I'm sure somewhere in the pages and pages of user agreements there are a few sentences that protect the parent company from "jailbreaking" a system. If Sony or Microsoft say they can do it, trust me, they can.

They probably have lawyers that work just to protect the company form events like this. Plus, companies...especially uber huge companies like Sony and MS...learn from past programs and you can bet your bottom dollar that they have protected themselves from this. It just becomes a matter of when if becomes financially practical to go after people. Sometimes things will go on for a while because it is not financially benefitial to address it until they really start losing money.

I hope Sony and MS brick ILLEGALLY tampered systems. All these people are are thiefs hiding behind the internet and hurting the industry. Thiefs.

Aquanox2897d ago

Ok watch them doing so and get flooded by lawsuits.

Remember what happened to MS when they corrupted the savegames in the last banwave? They had to revert this due to legal issues, let alone disabling your consoles. This is ridiculous lol.

ShinMaster2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

First of all, don't hack or give them a reason to do anything.

And second, well, think about it. It wouldn't go down well...unless you deserved it. And more than likely you'll just get banned anyway.

The PS3 is still an amazing system.
But whatever feeds the 360 fanboys/trolls and gives them a glimpse of hope I guess, Lol

pixelsword2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I'm not planning to pirate, so I really don't care.

Edit: wait, "someone on neogaf" is the evidence?


Druarc2897d ago

Sony don't need to brick your console if they know enough about what your doing (ie running pirated games) then they hand you details over to the right authority's and they go and take your PS3 and your ass off to jail.

Sort of like having a gun isn't illegal (with right permits) but using it to kill someone is.

Proxy2897d ago

1. Hacking isn't illegal (at least on the iPhone, the courts would have to decide about the PS3).
2. Piracy is illegal.
3. If there is a disagreement between legal consumer rights, and Sony's TOS; then legal consumer rights wins and Sonys TOS get thrown out.
4. If it were the case that anything goes in a TOS, then Sony should include a "I agree to never buy an XBox" clause in their TOS ASAP.

The Lazy One2897d ago

@"And I can see people complaining right now.

"Sony bricked my PS3"

"Really sir? Why? Let's look at the information Sony provided. Oh, it seems you were playing pirated games. Do you still want to proceed with this complaint?""

playing pirated games isn't illegal everywhere. Distributing them is illegal everywhere, but I know that the legal situation is much murkier with playing games. Also, if you purchase the game I don't think it matters if you are playing it off a harddrive or not, it is totally legal.

There's so many ways to cover ur ass if you are playing pirated games, but there are no ways to cover your ass if you brick someone's system. It's the same reason the music industry really only sues people that have distributed pirated music (seeding in a torrent counts). Once you do that you are boned.

Ryudo2897d ago

Sony does have the ability to disable PS3's, remember the internal clock error that broke all PS3 fat's for a day?

That error disabled the ability for you to play games and access PSN as well as other features.

The question is would they legally be allowed to break hardware you own and the answer for every none retard is no.

jeseth2897d ago

@ Nitrowolf

See Section 7, Paragraph G.

Enjoy eating Crow. Put it in a nice pie or stew if you like.

According to Section 7 paragraph G if you attempt to hack or reverse program ANY CODE OR EQUIPMENT in connection with SCEA and its sites, you are in violation of the User Agreement.

jetlian2897d ago

what happen when sony rootkeys pc?! thats right they were sued same thing here they can't brick your hardware.

Not being able to go online is all they can do which with most games online thats enough to make people buy legal copies.

Or we will see al ot of games shipped with faulty code which means your have to update it for it to play right.

they had games like it back on ps1

Dee_912897d ago

hmm i got a idea
how about you not do illegal shit
and you wont have to worry about this :)

Kurt Russell2897d ago

@morganfell - UK law is not that harsh, but good point none the less ^^

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THC CELL2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

sony can do alot of things i remember a case when sony found a stolen ps3 over psn the guy was nicked, .

r1sh122898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

There is no proof that sony uses such verification methods.
In any case, a hacker could just sign homebrew with a signature a dev has used on other software which would trick the logs.
e.g. back up manager called call of duty save game etc....
Sony cannot act on anything because it has not become a widespread problem, only once it has then we will know.
Its gonna be hard to fight these hacks, with homebrew hackers could log into the servers and see what is actually happening. Imagine the number of different homebrew apps that are gonna be coming to the ps3. It will be hard to identify every single one.
Thats how xbox live servers got hacked, until the consoles got banned.

EDIT: Why didnt sony ban anyone with the jailbreak before they updated the firmware?
According to the logic of the article they should have detected these USB sticks and back up managers that were running.
This article is fail, we wont know anything until sony and pirates are actually at war via PSN.

2898d ago
slyrunner2898d ago

Not disagreeing, but with sonys licencing code, they can use and find and track and destroy everything that a hacker could ever do. Its basically the software makeup of the ps3.

bailoutbenny2897d ago

What Geohot and Fail0verflow did was perfectly legal.

ECDSA is an open specification and available for anyone to implement. Figuring out the solution to a math problem and them publishing the solution is not illegal, which is what happened when the private key was discovered. Sony does not "own" a number, which is all the private key is. A private key is not Sony's IP. Nobody infringed on Sony's IP to get the key because Sony does not own the patent on ECDSA and they cannot "own" a number.

The private key is necessary to be able to get custom firmware to run on the console. Custom firmware completely replaces Sony's firmware, removing all artificial restrictions to the hardware that Sony's firmware puts in place. This is completely legal still since nobody is infringing on Sony's IP. They are replacing Sony's IP with their own.

Every other USC that was cited does not apply because the owner of the console is the authorized user of the system. They own it! They are not exceeding their authority either since, once again, they OWN the console. Most of the USC cited apply only to federal or banking computers anyway, or if the hacking/dissemination of information allows REMOTE break ins to a computer.

If Sony bricks a console, they will get sued. The problem with the TOS for Sony is that you have to agree to it before you can use the console at all. If you didn't have to do that, and if Sony didn't force firmware upgrades off the game discs, this wouldn't be an issue. But the fact that Sony forces you to accept the TOS before you can use the console as it was intended to be used is a legal problem for Sony as are the forced upgrades on games which force you to either upgrade or not play the game. In fact, a lawsuit by Sony could backfire in not only setting the precedent that consoles can be hacked just like phones, but these 2 anti consumer practices by Sony can be brought to light and pursued against Sony.

gaden_malak2897d ago


You don't have a clue.

bailoutbenny2897d ago

The EFF will be all over this like flies on shit:


"The DMCA should not be abused to censor online discussion by people who are behaving perfectly legally," said Tom Cross, who blogs at "It's legal to engage in reverse engineering, and its legal to talk about reverse engineering."

In fact, the DMCA explicitly allows reverse engineering to create interoperable custom software like the programs the hobbyists are using.


"This is not about copyright infringement. This is about running your own software on your own legally bought," said EFF Civil Liberties Director Jennifer Granick. "...Hobbyists are taking their own tools and making them better, in the best tradition of American innovation."

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TheGamerBible2898d ago

Messing with God's consoles will only serve to bring you misery. God gave us great consoles that man cannot improve through hacking. Dont hack your console and you wont face God's banhammer.

Christopher2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

That's the thing, they can only detect piracy if you play over PSN. Pirates won't play pirated games on PSN.

As far as what they'll do, they'll likely ban your current PSN accounts on the machine and use your PS3's unique signature to block the ability to create anymore PSN accounts on the machine.

Thing is that you don't need a PS3 to create a new PSN ID, just a Web browser.

They could do something more drastic, such as disable certain hardware elements, but highly unlikely they'll do that.

slyrunner2898d ago

Not true, have you downloaded a firmware update recently?? While you are downloading,they are uploading information from your console. You cant hide your ip address throughout your console, they could easily track you.As long as your ps3 in online,you are a sitting duck.

Christopher2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Still true. Pirates won't be performing FW updates. They will just wait for CFW packages to be released by the community and install those via dongle.

And, again, pirates won't be going online with their PS3s. Piracy will be for single-player/local co-op game elements only.

DeadIIIRed2898d ago

what a lonely life that is. why bother playing games today without the ability for online multiplayer

slyrunner2898d ago

Some people have to realize that you never "own" a console or game!, you are have the licence to use the item that you have bought, Just because the Terms of Service doesn't bluntly say that they wont disable your console, if you are disobeying the Terms of Service, they are allowed to do what is ever necessary to stop the action you are taking. Why do you think the Terms of Service are so damn long! they know you wont read it half of the time so they get away by saying "its in there,you just didnt take the time to read it". AS much as i hate to agree with sony, they are right, if you were in their shoes, you would do the exact thing that they are doing. In this world, you dont "OWN' anything in value that has mechanical parts. If you didnt like the fact that sony is going with this, you shouldn't of agreed to the Terms of Service, that simple. Whine and bitch all you want, but until these hackers have given up or locked away, you are in sonys world, and in sony world, nothing goes forgotten.

ZombieNinjaPanda2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

So if I smash my Ps3 (There's no way in hell I would) according to your logic, it would be illegal, since i only have the license to use it?

Da One2897d ago

Not necessarily but asking Sony to fix would be.

I think people are getting out of hand with this

bailoutbenny2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Completely false. Any physical item you purchase, you own. There is an implied transfer of ownership at the time of purchase, with or without title. The concept is called "personal property," or more specifically "tangible personal property," and has its own category of law. I suggest you study up on it.

Seferoth752897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

As far as software goes he is right. It says it clearly in the TOS that you do not own the software only the right to use it. So no it wasnt completely false. You do own the disc though and are free to use it in any manner you see fit but the software is never yours to use in any way you see fit.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2897d ago


Sony can't do anything to the hardware. Fair enough.
The OS is software. It's subject to EULA. Therefore it's not actually yours. Sony can do whatever they want with it.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2897d ago


You own the hardware: the fan, the shell, the wires, the cord that plugs it into the wall, the PHYSICAL elements.

You do not own the software: the games the 1.x updates to the games, the OS. That's all intellectual property. Sony reserves the right to disable that, which turns your PS3 into a $300 door stop.

bailoutbenny2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I was just correcting the OP who said that the console is licensed. It is not, you own it. The OP further said that you don't any physical piece of property. This statement, again, is false.

Custom firware should, theoretically, replace Sony's firmware completely. This means the software running on the console would not be Sony's IP. The OS used would probably be Linux, which Sony definitely does not own. If Sony causes an eFuse to blow after the custom firmware has been put on the system, Sony could be liable for damaging the customer's property.

Furthermore, when the system was sold, it was sold as a machine that plays PS3 games and Bluray movies, so if Sony tried to prevent PS3 games and Bluray movies from being played on the system through custom firmware, they would be liable for false advertising or worse. Sony cannot remove or reduce the functionality further than what the system was capable of at the time of sale. This is why Apple got into trouble with bricking iPhones. The product must do what it did at the time of sale. No EULA or ToS will ever counter that fact. Again, all Sony can do is drop warranty and online support for systems running custom firmware.

ComboBreaker2897d ago

Again, Zombie, you can do whatever you want to your PS3.

However, you can not steal Sony's private key, distribute it, and use it without a license and without Sony's consent.

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AliTheBrit192898d ago

This is bullshit

I bet Microsoft can do the same for the Xbox 360

If I bought the console, it is mine, I handed over money, in exchange for this console

F*ck your "licence" bullshit, it doesn't apply, I reject it, if I buy myself a PS3, I have every single right to hack if

I do not expect any further updates or help in any kind from Sony if I do this, but it is my right to do it.

Lets get this straight, the average consumer buys a PS3 and expects he/she owns it

In reality, or in a technical legal sense, Sony simply allows you to use the PS3, and tries to force you to play by THEIR rules.

mantisimo2898d ago

Ouch Ali.

Hack away and let us know how you get on.

rjdofu2897d ago

Fine, hack it, but then don't download anything else. Yeah you own your console, but only a console alone; the other contents don't belong to you.

Dark_king2898d ago

I don't get why anyone is bringing up the TOS its not involved here.They can legally brick any console running illegal code they own.They just need evidence to present that the machines were infact running illegal code.An by illegal code I mean the stolen key that is owned by Sony and being used without there consent.An by brick I mean completely lock the software up.

hakis862898d ago

Finally, intelligence. +bubble Dark_King!