New Rurouni Kenshin PSP screens and artworks

Namco Bandai Games have released several new screenshots and artwork images for the upcoming PSP exclusive fighting game based on the popular Rurouni Kenshin anime and manga.

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zireno2716d ago

OMG!! me too :D!! I wanted to play so bad the ps2 game but it never came to the states :(!! I hope this game makes it over here u_u!!!

deafwing2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

the original wondering samurai killer sword weilder
sai!! :D

Blaze9292716d ago

wow, is this series still running or something? Haven't seen this show in YEARS. Good times

StanLee2716d ago

Nah, been off the air for a while. Just downloaded the entire series and OVAs from

Redempteur2716d ago

there is nothing left to tell/adapt into anime ..
the author already moved on

Eamon2716d ago

yeh, it's been years since I saw the anime.

mightyboot2716d ago

Looks decent enough but a PS3/PSP2 release would sound much better

Ultraplayerxp2716d ago

Whoa! Didn't even know this existed! Kenshin was like the first anime I actually really liked. Kinda excited for this now.

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