IGN: New Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Details

Bethesda's newest title features a brand-spanking new engine where every object in the game now casts a shadow as well as improved draw-distances. Textures are sharper and more detailed and the environments are livelier. There's also the addition of a HUD-less first-person view and "improved" third-person camera option.

There will be five massive cities that span Skyrim's environment, which ranges from frozen tundra to rocky mountain tops. There is also new wildlife, such as Sabre-toothed Cats and Wooly Mammoths.

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ps3rider2893d ago

i hope it can be like demon's souls but with FPS ability and large very huge scale

ECM0NEY2893d ago

We can dream, but I doubt they will make it as hard core as Demon's Souls.

MAJ0R2893d ago

I heard the first person aspect was going to be similar to Dark Messiah which is very possible because Zenimax actually acquired the studio responsible for making the game

kramun2893d ago

I just want it to be another great Elder Scrolls game. Demons Souls is a completely different sort of rpg.

peowpeow2893d ago

I'd rather not. They are both epic in their own way

gorebago2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )


I'll take a demon souls-type game with a deeper fallout 3-style questing system mixed with the rich options found in morrowind. I hope they don't dumb it down.

Trizard2893d ago

People keep saying a Demon-souls type game, why? Don't get me wrong, I love demon souls and have logged over 100 hrs of playtime in it, but I want an Elder Scrolls type game.

Cenobia2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I really like the combat mechanic in Demon Souls. I remember there being endurance in Oblivion, but I never had to really watch my strength in that game. In Demon Souls I had to be very careful not to waste my strikes and plan for defense. I hope the next Elder Scrolls is more like that.

Also it would be fun if the third person camera was actually usable.

Lastly, bringing in a friend for co-op would be epic, as long as the difficulty scaled (I doubt they can do this but it would be awesome).

If Elder Scrolls took these things from Demon Souls it would be an even greater game. Of course, I only played Oblivion so I'm not sure what long time fans would want.

Panzerkanzler2893d ago

November 2011...soooo far away still ;(

gorebago2893d ago

If you don't think about it, nov will be here soon enough

visualb2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

yeah but it holds:


worth the wait =D

pr0digyZA2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

It sounds really amazing. And i'm glad every object casts a shadow, i remember viewing the oblivion walk-through in the dungeon where Todd pics up a rib cage and a shadow is cast (he even makes a point of telling us), then when I bought it on the 360 that was the first thing I tried, and I realized there was no shadows at all on any small object.

BlazeCP32892d ago

who cares about the shadows of the items in a dungeon? lol

pr0digyZA2892d ago

The point isn't the shadows it was more the promise that wasn't filled. Also it does create more immersion just like the more believable faces or better graphics, all of it builds up to create an experience.

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The story is too old to be commented.