Video Games, The Media and Me

Critical Gamer writes: I’m in the mood for a bit of a moan and in the process I am likely to make a number of sweeping statements about games, gamers, the mainstream media, and the public in general and do not intend on offering any solutions. This is merely an act of catharsis. Already slightly annoyed? I know I certainly am.

I consider myself tolerant and patient, relatively anyway. I have come to accept that common sense is not as prevalent as the phrase would suggest, and have learned to ignore people and situations accordingly. However, when it comes to the portrayal of videogames in the media – be it print, radio, TV, news or advertising – I do tend to get a little wound-up. I can be merrily hurling insults at X Factor contestants on a Saturday evening (I enjoyed that show far more than I’m comfortable with), only to have my viewing displeasure ruined by a Nintendo advert showing three people playing the same DS, or four idiots playing with PS Move, having the kind of “banter” that gives me chest pains. Tolerant indeed.

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Jim Crikey2895d ago

When - if ever - will the majority of mainstream media treat videogames with respect?

scruffy_bear2895d ago

It take time for the mainstream media to take there heads out of there ass and realise that video games aren't evil and turning kids into monsters

Gamesauce2895d ago

We need more personal stories in the media, focused on the creators not the games. Profiles on what drives those people might also fuel a better understanding of the creative output they produce: the games themselves.

But that's just my opinion :)