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NowGamer delve into the new Tomb Raider reboot to discover just how well it might turn out.

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skyward2891d ago

If this releases around Uncharted 3 then she's doomed, I tells ya. Does look interesting though, like the survival horror nature...

Quagmire2891d ago

Agreed, if anything, the smart move would be to release this at least 2 months BEFORE Uncharted 3. From a consumer standpoint, that would mean gamers can get their action/adventure fix early enough to satisfy them until Uncharted 3 rolls around.

AAACE52890d ago

The game just got announced a little bit ago, we don't know exactly what they are doing with it! How can you dismiss it already? Uncharted 2 called out a lot of games and showed developers what could be done.

I believe this game will follow a different path than Uncharted, but might try to compete with it in some way.

aPerson2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

No one's dismissing it. What's with the all the disagrees for the first two post? Are you people saying that it would be a smart move to release it around the same time as Uncharted 3? Seriously, use some common sense.

For example, if you were in charge of making a shooter game, would it be a smart move to release it at the same time as Call of Duty?

^ The answer to that question is no. Hell no.

Dude_2890d ago

Tomb Raider has always been a puzzle based (be it environmental ones or not) acrobatic platformer, Uc is a shooter first and foremost, with simplistic Sands of Time / TR elements. Is GoW a TR with melee combat? Is Syphon Filter a Tr without the acrobatics? Are pointless comparisons pointless?

Not to mention, like has been said we haven't even seen anything about this game, aside from a couple of screens.

AAACE52890d ago

@aPerson... It wouldn't be a bad idea to release it around Uncharted 3 because a lot of people still don't have a Ps3. Having the game as an exclusive title also limits the amount of sales.

Tomb raider will be multiplat. When the commercials start the average gamer will probably just assume that both games are similar and Tomb Raider has been reinvented. This could make gamers feel it is not important to pick up a Ps3 just for Uncharted 3!

Another fact is, no matter how much me or you liked Uncharted 2 and think Uncharted 3 will be great.... There are some gamers who didn't like it much!

Some gamers didn't like the gameplay, story, etc. Others complained about the multiplayer, which is what probably kept the game from having more than 15,000 people playing at any given time when it was released.

Anyway, I hope both games do well and i'll probably be picking up both right away! You should too.


No crystal ball,no secret window.
Waste of money and manpower.

dgroundwater2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

So does anyone want to talk about the preview? This isn't about Nathan Drake, or whining about crystal balls (wtf).

How about that sacrifice scene? Pretty cool huh? I like how they compared her item-gathering to MGS3. Survival gameplay is awesome because it better connects you to the world. You are physically involved within the game-space for reasons beyond moving and killing.

Legionaire20052890d ago

Tomb Raider has the upper hand over Uncharted 3, cause its going to be multiplatform. On all 3 including the PC!!! There is even talks of multiplayer in the game. As a matter of fact, Square Enix wants all of its game to have multiplayer.


They even said that Tomb Raider would feature a new free aim system to rival its competitors. Tomb Raider is 360 and PC's answered to Uncharted 3 since Uncharted is only coming for PS3. Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones made Uncharted what it is today. Move over Drake!!! Ladies first!!! Time for Lara to get back the crown.

stonecold32890d ago

it not because tomb raider is also on ps3 same with uncharted 3 ps3 get s both games

Legionaire20052890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Well of course PS3 gets both games. Did you get what I said? Tomb Raider is multiplatform meaning it will possibly get more sales over Uncharted 3. Uncharted 3 will no doubt get a lot of sells, but it has competition, so Tomb Raider could take back the crown, and could be game of the year. Tomb Raider could have a great multiplayer too with the new aim system to rival many shooters out there. Remember that. I wish there was a new Indiana Jones game too.