Play Games, Win a Gold Plated Xbox 360 Console

The Behemoth has launched a brand new competition, known as the ‘Tournament of Champions’, in which gamers can win a very special gold plated Xbox 360 console simple by playing a game. Launched as a celebration of The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers surpassing two million downloads on Xbox LIVE Arcade alone, the Tournament of Champions is now open to gamers worldwide.

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LastDance2891d ago

Does it still come with the three-year warranty?

SpinalRemains1382890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

The red ring is going to clash with the gold. Should offer a silver one.

Im just kidding. A gold plated console is pretty silly though.

kevco332890d ago

To be honest, I'd think it was pretty silly if it was in someone else's collection. If it was in mine, I'd think it was the bo**ocks.

vgcgames2890d ago

Not a good idea to plate a 360 its destiny for failure as it is, their just speeding up the process.

don't for get to clean up all that melted gold after that game of Halo

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