New White Knight Chronicles 2 DLC screens

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has revealed several new screenshots for an upcoming DLC quest in the Playstation 3 exclusive RPG, White Knight Chronicles 2.

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remanutd552897d ago

DLC ? come one Japan is getting DLC already and we havent gotten the game yet? bring it to the US ASAP !!!!!

Redempteur2897d ago

the get dlc because they have the game

Level 5 Are not the ones doing a localisation

WildArmed2893d ago

The international version will probably arrive after the 2nd big patch.
(i believe the first one already happened)

just like how we got the 1st one after 2 big patches: Geonet/Georama and something else I'm forgetting LoL

shadowmoses6232897d ago

Ya whats up with that? I want my copy!!!

TANUKI2897d ago

I guess the fans (like me) should start spamming their inboxes, until they give us a release date (kind of like that Namco Bandai article, a few days back), lol.

jneul2897d ago

like most people here i want an international release date, get to work lvl5!!


Insta buy for me and a surprisingly large number of people on my friends list.c'mon Level5!

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