Polite bandits force victims to pause video game before robbing

In San Diego, California, police are searching for two armed men who forced their way into an apartment on Friday night. Five men were inside an apartment enjoying their Friday night playing video games at about 9:00pm last night. Then, two armed men forced their way inside. The two robbers flashed a gang sign and shouted, "Where's the weed?" The two men, wearing bandanas over their faces, then forced the five gamers to pause their video game and lie on the floor, police said.

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mariusmal3936d ago

damn. that's some nice bandits. i would ask for a PES6 grudge match with them.

monkey6023935d ago

Right I know this is a really $h!tty thing to say given the circumstances but it is funny how they did that.

Poisen3935d ago

i didnt even get to see the page because "their daily alowance ran out"...tisk tisk. from wat i read: that was so amazing.hahaha. the bandits were really nice, even if you got ur weed stolen, atleast they had the curtesy to allow the robbed to come bak and play their game. DONT MESS with gamers!! people are scared of gamers because they know how pissed off they will be if they made them lose the game level.