See Come Midnight, cancelled game from Bulletstorm creators

Feels like LA Noire, but as a matter of a fact Come Midnight was meant to be TPP survival horror. Unfortunately it was cancelled and seems it stays that way.

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AssassinBrotherhood2865d ago

it looks like it would of been a great game ( i know alot havent been shown but still juding by the trailer it would have been Great Game)

XANDEO2865d ago

Shame really because the amount of horror games this gen is shocking.

MiltonZep2865d ago

Just the music alone lets me know the game would have been interesting. The song had a Perry Mason-esque quality to it.

SeraphimBlade2865d ago

Couldn't hear the music (kind of sort of in class right now) may have to come back and hear it.

I liked the motif but they're really isn't much to go off here. Wonder what it would have been like.