Mortal Kombat: HD Arcade Kollection Is Confirmed - Another PS3 Exclusive

The title was considered a rumored project and gamers considered it to be cancelled. However, according to a freelance 3D artist the HD Arcade Kollection pack is a go.


Patrick Delmastro has removed the title from his resume as of last night.

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Balt 2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Never was good enough at the series to really love it -- But I do have fond memories of seeing my buddies drop quarters into them at Aladin's Castle Arcade back in the day. Loved that era in gaming and life. Things were so much better.

Pizza hut then > now
Mc'donalds then > now

Etc, etc, etc

And if the pic shown is representative of the actual gameplay that looks amazing.

Edito2895d ago

In that era all that mattered was the games, not sales, graphics, behind the scenes inside infos and stuff today a game is good cause of the sales, hype and other bulshits...

darthv722895d ago

that us 'old-timers' come from a different generation. One that this new crowd will never understand.

As for the MK games, i liked #2 the best.

thesummerofgeorge2894d ago

I miss the days of arcades... The golden age of gaming, as it were. The industry will never be the same, too much money involved. At least we were lucky enough to be alive for it.

Christopher2895d ago

Wouldn't really categorize these as exclusives. It's not like people on other platforms can't still play the original games in their entirety.

nevermore2895d ago


doa7662895d ago

damn, now I really starting to think that I will not have enough money to buy all the 2011 PS3 exclusives

Skizelli2889d ago

I like how you had to add "Another PS3 Exclusive" to the title. You fanboys need to learn how to properly submit articles.

Skizelli2888d ago

I suggest using the article's original title. It's bad enough that people submit their own fanboy-approved, flame bait articles in order to generate traffic, but to submit articles with a modified title that screams "fanboy" is just as ridiculous.

A change in the wind2895d ago

I thought this was confirmed a while ago.

Tripl3seis2895d ago

Jesus another exclusive my god sony stop my wallet is crying slready naa I'm j/k keep them coming!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.