PS3 Fanboy interviews Uncharted's Elena Fischer

Elena Fischer, lead designer of the upcoming PS3 adventure game Uncharted, sat down with PS3 Fanboy to talk about her upcoming game. Inspired by the old Indiana Jones of yore, she wants to bring much more than "Tomb Raider with a guy."

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TheExecutive3717d ago

Sounds great! This especially caught my eye:

What feedback have you taken from the E3 build?

"We love when we can see people's feedback. It's far more valuable to get critical feedback than to hear any praise, in many ways. That's why we have a lot of focus testing in-house and out of house. We read everything when we have a public demo of the game. Obviously, we've adjusted the aiming settings quite a bit, and aiming assistance. We've changed the enemy AI and how they interact with the aiming, so they're not fighting the player's controls. We added variety to the enemy behavior, and some dynamic difficulty adjustment. We added some new weapons, like the sniper rifle. I think the main things we got out of the feedback was with the gunplay and the aiming."

I also didnt like how she skirted the issue about how much gameplay they were shooting for. I hope its at least 10 hrs.

Mr VideoGames3717d ago

don't ever trust PS3 sites since there Last Interview with Valve was Completely fake.

jackdoe3717d ago

This is PS3 fanboy, an offshoot of I trust their interviews to be legit.

s8anicslayer3717d ago

why are you posting on a ps3 thread?when clearly you are a xbot with a 360 avatar!what's your story?

SpenserTracy3717d ago

This is not tombraider. This is uncharted, get over it. This game is a PS3 seller.


The more I hear about this game the more I want it.
Ever since its first trailer, I have been intrigued by this game

Keep up the good work Naughty


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