Official Sony PlayStation 3 Application Walkthrough

Here is a walkthrough of the Official Sony PS3 application for Androids and iPhones. It allows you to do some pretty cool things like check who’s online, their trophies and information about all of the latest games. It is lacking a couple key features though, like sending and receiving messages and checking games individual trophies.

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Sanii2891d ago

Very solid app considering it's free

Dart892891d ago

Is this available in north america?

Seijoru2891d ago

Needs more work though, like my friends list doesn't have all the online people up top, its just a mixed bag.

louievillalobos2891d ago

Sorry my trophies embarrassed your lack of gaming skills.

toaster2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I wasn't aware trophies = skill, must have missed the memo..

sashimi2891d ago

I saw those trophies, they were alright. Nothing special really.

talltony2890d ago

Amount of trophies dont show skill, Platinum trophies do however.

KrazyFace2891d ago

@Louie If yu're so much better than him then maybe you can explain why he has 11 Plats and you only got 9?

Yeah, can you explain that?

KaiokenKid2890d ago

Isnt it free? then people shouldnt complain.