Jericho Character Spotlight #3 - Sgt. Wilhelmina "Billie" Church

You've seen the braun, you've seen the brains, now here's the stealth. The third of X360A's Jericho squad installments focuses on Sgt. Wilhelmina "Billie" Church.

Equpped with nothing but a submachine pistol and a large blade, Sgt Church must not be underestimated. A few swift slashes and the foe will be sleeping with the fishes. Sgt Church is also equipped with "Blood Scribe" and various other enhancements, evil special powers which are the effect of ancient rituals that allows her combine her own blood with potent sigils to result in a powerful weapon against her enemies. You can view her personnel file by clicking "Read Full Story" below.

Want to see her in action? Enjoy the clip below when her true stealth prowess comes to light. The video contains mature scenes, only watch if you are 18 and above.

To accompany the video and the profile, check out the 6 new screenshots of Sgt Church in X360A's Jericho gallery, also by clicking "Read Full Story" below.

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