Game sites are being too judgemental too fast

As we all well know, many sites, some of high reputation (, have been quoting a number of analysts on their thoughts on the PS3 and its current struggles. I have done my best to avoid writing an article such as this as I do not want Game Revolver to become part of the flame wars but this article is just ridiculous. The article found on posted September 14th, quotes an analyst as follows...

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Bloodmask3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

The gaming sites on the web and the analysts are basing their judgment on facts. Such as price, games catalogue, and the games that are released general appeal as well as the consoles overall performance.

I feel the article is right we should base things on "potential" and future promises bc it is the right thing to do. SARCASM "Reality Check", Sony brought this type of criticism upon themselves by massively overhyping the PS3. CG graphics in realtime etc.....These outlets base their judgements on what they encounter not false pretenses.

They all have just as much of a right to what they think. Just as much as the author of this article. Sony is the one who overpromised and underdelivered. How come nobody points the finger at them and at everyone else??

The media is biased......That website is run by Xbots, Developers are lazy. It's all become comical.

stunt2133745d ago

I swear to god bloodmask, in every comment u make it has something negative about ps3. Sony delivered every single of their promise bloodmask, example: Killzone 2 gameplay is as good as the CG trailer and MGS4 and FFXIII still ps3 exclusive. The only thing that sometimes sony does not delivered is release date because sometimes games get delay but not just for ps3 for every console.

Zhuk3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

brilliant post Bloodmask, Sony has nobody but themselves to blame for where they are considering how they treated the consumer with absolute contempt and arrogance by offering a high priced system and lying about the performance of it with CG light and magic shows like Killzone 2 at E3 2005. Guess they found they can't just slap 'Playstation' on the side of anything and expect it will sell itself regardless of price or games

toughNAME3745d ago

their disagreeing...but their providing not\ evidence to prove your wrong

thats sad guys

stee1563745d ago

You know everyone keeps bashing Sony for being arrogant, problem is when your past products have dominated the market any company will become arrogant.

None of you can honestly say if you were head of the company you wouldn't have become arrogant with the success they've had.

However despite the arrogance and the huge PR mistakes Sony has corrected those mistakes and have done as much as possible to deliver on their promises. However to this day bitter xbox fans still use something that happened last year and something that has long been corrected to attack the ps3.

I don't understand this whole fanboy crap, we've all already bought our consoles so why are you interested in taking pointless potshots at the other console when you don't even own it? until you have tried both consoles, giving each a equal chance your just a brainless zombie working for the mother company.

bluebrad19743745d ago

Nice post Bloodmask. Did you notice how the author of the story sounded like every little sony minion on N4G? Pathetic.
Here are some sony quotes that should open some peoples eyes.

Anyone that still follows Sony, you can consider yourself a spineless, mindless zombie

b777conehead3745d ago

the ps3 has delivered good performance for me.i researched both the 360 and ps3 and chose the ps3. i tried the 360 took it back it kept locking up on me all the time.waited for the ps 3 to come out i am very happy with dose every thing i want it to do very well. the games are going to start pouring out for it .plus regardless what you 360 fan boys say there are games now to play on it. as far as any company putting hype on there product that is normal. Microsoft hyped the x box one over the ps2 when it came out.thats why i always research any product i by.and make my on choice not by hype but by actual ps 3 has not locked up 1 time since i have had it .i leave it own 24 - 7 .i choice the ps3 for the technology it has .what it can do now and in the future. i like having a blu ray build in .i'm glad i have a product thats hard to dev for makes the devs thank and also when they learn the hardware and learn to dev for the hardware then we will see that sonys hype was real.i'm glad i don't have a easy to dev for console to me the harder to make for work for. gains the biggest benefits.i made my choice on the ps3 .and others choice the 360 are Wii some have all 3. i don't go badmouthing other peoples choices except when the mart and marts cronies start badmouthing mine.lets be glad theirs competition for consoles so we have a choice for the system we want.the 360 is a very nice console nice graphics.etc etc.but the ps3 was the way for me and what it offers is what i wanted in my console. i didn't look at what Sony said it would do but saw what it would do for me

stee1563745d ago

"Anyone that still follows Sony, you can consider yourself a spineless, mindless zombie"

Wow what is with the idiots who post here? Can you really tell me Microsoft has never done wronged customers before? Just by putting Microsofts name into google you can probably find 10 different incidents.

The hell is wrong with you people, 99 percent of the corporations in this world are greedy, arrogant and have done despicable things before. In fact if we were to follow your stupid little comment and not buy things from arrogant corporations everyone would be living in a straw hut screwing a goat.

Instead most of our decisions to purchase a product does not come from corporation reputation but by the quality of a product. Therefore the only people who are even allowed to spew crap like what you just said are people who don't use corporation goods. However if you didn't you wouldn't have access to the internet now would you. Think before you talk.

bluebrad19743744d ago

Your attempt at damage control is weak, especially when compared to the things sony has said and done.

I have to ask, do you enjoy buying products from a company that has more or less publically called you personally a mindless idiot? For Christ's sake, you sony loyalists need to grow some stones.

stee1563744d ago

Lol Bluebrad I hope your reply to my post was a joke. Your whole argument is based on sixth grader logic.

When you try to call someones argument weak first you need to actually be able to explain why you think so. Maybe you have proof that corporations aren't selfish and arrogant? Maybe you have proof that without corporation products we wouldn't be living in huts and screwing goats. State why and provide proof. Instead while someone explained to you that the earth is round you ran up to them and called them weak and ran away. I believe what we have here is a wildly strong case of fanboyism.

As for copying my words and calling me a mindless zombie blah blah, Im not actually. When I decided to buy a console I looked at both the xbox360 and the ps3 in fact I was on the borderline of tipping either way. As most sane people do I researched both products and ultimately decided a ps3 would better suit me, as the only fault I could find was a lack of games which is easily fixable. While xbox360 had overheating issues I considered buying it because several games I wanted were out for it. However more or less the horror stories of having to return their xboxs and waiting a month to get it back ultimately made me decide to get the ps3. So go ahead call me a fanboy, at least I can say I used reasonable logic to buy my console and not on some strange hatred of opposing corporations to buy it.

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Jack Bauer3745d ago

I stopped reading at...

"In fact, to date, the most popular game on the console remains Halo 2, designed for the original Xbox"

Actually Gears Surpassed it when it released, and has held the lead over halo 2 ever since, im sure other games have as well.

power of Green 3745d ago

The most popular game that can be played on PS3 is also from a past console... Doesn't even make sense. SPAM!!!!.. Sony fanboys; no one's paying you any attention anymore no one's praising the PS3 anymore its just another console, like the GameCube...

Anal3745d ago

Whats your point??? you talking complete bell end. Your getting bloody scared. hehehehe.

achira3744d ago

then why are you here ? i am sure you are pissed you bought the false console from ms.

TheExecutive3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

It does take a year or longer to get the truly great games out on any system. PS3 is no different. They have KZ2 (an unproven franchise, but one that looks promising as of now), LBP (a new and innovative title), MGS (nuff said), GT (no intro needed), and FF (duh!) next year.
There are nay sayers EVERY generation and in the last three generations they always complain about the same 3 things:

1. The disk format
2. No Games
3. The Cost

Guess what guys? It takes a while for disk formats to be needed, it takes a while for quality games to come out, it takes a while for the costs of technology to come down.

Its fine if you dont want to wait a year to get all three of these things to a place that you desire but DONT say that a console is doomed because of any of the above three in the first year. If the second year comes and goes you have a reason to say that a console is in HUGE trouble.

However, with rumors about a 399 PS3, all the games coming out in '08, and these games showing the gaming community why it may need a larger disk format you ought not say that the ps3 is doomed.

I think the xbox is a great gaming system. I have no problems with it at all. I do have a problem with a bunch of idiots that own that console saying that the PS3 is "doomed" when they know nothing about the history of gaming or console trends. If the PS3's price is where it is next year, it has no games and the format is still not needed we may agree that the ps3 is doomed, but until then the trolls should STFU.

Bloodmask3745d ago

Because nobody in this thread or in the article said "the PS3 is doomed" except for you. Perhaps a little defensive eh?? It only states that Sony has a very small window to catch up if the 360 continues to sell at the pace it does. And the PS3 sales continue to be slow. And is also has a slant to it that the media is biased against the PS3.

Also I only see you as the one throwing around profanities and insults. Kind of makes you wonder who the troll really is.

TheExecutive3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I was speaking generally about the issue of judging the PS3 too early. The article itself doesnt say anything about the ps3 being "doomed" but he too is stating that there is a problem with judging consoles too early. So no, Im not defensive I am just annoyed at the same arguments recycled over and over again.

and youre right, they arent idiots they are ignorant... there is a huge difference. just got a little annoyed there sorry. But you seem a little defensive.. I wasnt commenting about your first comment, since i couldnt read it anyway. oh and a question for you... do you own a ps3? are you interested in buying one?

uxo223745d ago

You are not stopping and taking time to look where Sony has left you. People are quoting KZ2, MGS4, etc. Here's the problem with those games. Although they will most likely be great games, they are not out yet and yet you guys continue to use them as ammunition against 360 titles that are out and proven.

If you could just hold your tongue, be patient and wait for the games to come out then you will be able to boast your point with some actually weight behind it. Take lair for instance, fanboys constantly bragged about how lair was going to destroy anything currently out on the 360. Just like MGS and FF, Lair wasn't out yet, but it was used to try and bring down the 360. Now, had you waited and not bragged so much about lair people would not be slamming lair nearly as much.

It's kinda like talking smack about kick someone's ARSE in basketball or something and then getting beat 32-2. They are going to talk more smack back now simple because of the amount of smack you talked BEFORE the game. MSG4, FF, etc are in the aforementioned "Before the game" status.

Try and be humble and wait your time, and some of your victories will be sweeter. Don't play yourselves for fools, it doen't look good with the shirt that your wearing.

Just tryin to help. I have both consoles, but I don't brag on how any game or console is going to kick the sh!t out of any other, simply because it means nothing until it's fact.

oohWii3745d ago

GREAT post UXO! I fully agree. Sound advice. Bubbles 4U

TheExecutive3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Hmm.. uxo are you talking to me? I never said that these titles were going to kick the sh!t out of anything. My entire post was about having to wait for good games and having to wait for technology to become cheaper. I am not a hardcore sony fanboy, i am a realist. I enjoy gaming and this isnt my first generation.

@Uxo... thanks for clearing that up... I know what you are talking about both "sides" add to the flaming. I just get sick and tired of people talking sh!t about a console when they dont seem to take into consideration relevant points. I dont gamble much, I dont say games will be great before they are out. I can say however, that at least 3 of those titles next year have the ability and chance to move a ton of comsoles.

uxo223745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I wasn't talk directly to you. You are not the only person that my comment applied to. There are many others that do the same thing. However, if you can see where it applies to you, please take heed. I'm not here to bash you or anyone else. I just felt that the above comment described a lot of PS3 Fans. An gave thoughts on what I thought would help.

@Exec (Directly above) - I understand and agree

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power of Green 3745d ago

Who said the PS3 is doomed?, its not the 2nd comming of Christ thats for sure but DreamCasted? probably not.

PS3 may very well drop the price also bringing an new SKU, sure it will help but Nintendo and Microsoft can still match it. What Sony's doing is lethel to its health they dropped the price and MSFT did it only by $50 and thats proving to be hurting Sony.

Sony shouldn't be trying to lower the price as much as getting the good games out ant not just the pedigree sequels; depending on just 3-4 games will hurt Sony aswell when the consumers have a thurst for great new IP's.

Sony does not wan't to force MSFT to have one of the 360 SKU's at $200 before they have a solid line-up of new Ip's and sequels.

Sonyfanboys may not wan't to see it but MS has a Huge 2008 line-up that can just as easily sell like an 6 genertion pedigee Sony sequel.

Idiot no one said the PS3 is doomed, moron you and your simple thoughts. How in the fuc did you get people will be more critical of the PS3 to its doomed.

Sony did this to themselfs from day hyping the PS3 as 3X more powerful and a host of other sh*t they said.

Who in the Hell would/could think the PS3 is able to be Doomed with such an Iconic Brand thats very popular.

TheExecutive3745d ago

I read posts on this site at least 3 times a day saying the ps3 is doomed. So dont come on here and act like you havent read the same posts i have. If you feel I was calling you an idiot think again. I didnt even read your post before I posted. So dont be so narcissistic, youre not that cool. My post was addressing the fact that people need to give consoles a chance to develop and prove themselves. I am no idiot and I am no moron.

I couldnt have been talking to you or venting on you because you and bloodmask were on my ignore list at the time. I now remember why I put you on there to begin with. Isnt it great how you can just erase someone from your existence online? Have a great life power of green.

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